by Donna Van Ee, trip participant with MH4H 

Today, I helped with the Thrive for 5 feeding program and discovered that it is so much more than handing out a meal.

Thrive for 5 is smiles, tickles, and hugs between the children and Heather and Cassidy; simple gestures that say, “You are special. You are loved.”

Thrive for 5 is exuberant singing; songs of worship and praise led by Woody, the Haitian program leader of Thrive for 5.

TF5 - 2Thrive for 5 is medicine, vaccinations, and treating wounds and burns.

Thrive for 5 is a way to assess the needs of the entire family and help them improve their homes and consequently, their health.

Thrive for 5 is a time to silently pray for each attendee.

Thrive for 5 is an opportunity to feed the soul by teaching God’s word. Today, Ebens encouraged the moms to spend time praying with their kids.

Thrive for 5 says, “You are created in the image of God.”

Thrive for 5 is demonstrating the love of Jesus by fulfilling Many Hands for Haiti’s mission of “making God real in a broken world.”

A man’s perspective on day 2

by Eric Van Ee, trip participant with MH4H 

Today’s schedule started with breakfast at 7:00 and a short, but probing and thought provoking, study on what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. The guys left soon after 8:00 to assist in laying a concrete floor in a Haitian home. It truly was enjoyable to work side by side with Haitians to build a nice floor without any of the fancy tools we are used to. Meanwhile, the gals helped with the Thrive for 5 program, and the guys made it back just before noon to help dispense food to the children in the program.

After lunch, we visited a hospital and prayed with the sick and injured. It was hard to see all the needs without having the hope of ever meeting all the needs present. Next, we visited the sewing center and met the next ten women who will get to learn how to sew. We could tell this meant the world to these women, and they were very thankful to get the opportunity.

Once we were home for supper, we had time to reflect on how we saw Christ in action today.