This is written by David Burling, Pastor at Memorial Lutheran in Nevada, IA. David has been to Haiti two times previously, with this being his first time to Pignon.

Greetings from Pignon!

What a day…a long day…a really long day!  The group from Memorial Lutheran in Nevada arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti on Saturday morning.  We were met at the airport by friendly, familiar faces; then on to the mountain and Pignon.  I suppose that might not seem like much from the outset, but considering we hadn’t slept since Thursday night we did fairly well. 

One of the interesting stops that we made along the way today was a hydro-electric plant that now brings electricity to Pignon (just a few months ago!) and the place where we are staying.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, there was limited access in the area to any sort of electric power.  It reminds me, again, how much we take for granted in our lives in Iowa. 

This evening we took a walk around the neighborhood in the town of Pignon.  We walked to the local hospital and sang songs to the patients and then prayed with them.  It was very interesting to observe the difference in the quality of care given to those who could afford to pay and those who could not.  Again, we take for granted the quality of healthcare available to us in the states.  Then Carl Link and I got involved in a hot game of basketball with a couple of local teenagers.  We got whooped!  Carl and I are not as good (or as nimble) as we once were…..

While I write this evening, Becky McIntosh and Kathy Bergmann are organizing all of the suitcases that we brought with us.  We have a lot of clothes to hand out to children, and Kathy is going to help some local women start a sewing program during the week.  Already the children are so intrigued by Becky’s long “white” hair.    

I’m bushed and off to bed!  This is an amazing place and what makes it so is God’s amazing grace.  Tomorrow is the Sabbath…worship at the local Baptist church!  I’ll be rolling in the aisles…..

God is good.   Pastor David