When you see the realities of life in Haiti, it is easy for hearts to break. The team were privileged to meet some of their sponsor children. Donna Van Ee visited her sponsor child for the first time in over 2 years. She describes the effects of these visits on the team.

Today, a few of our team got to meet our sponsor children. We brought them food and gifts: clothes, shoes, balls and candy.

Lana meeting her sponsor child Cherlande and her mother Looking into her beautiful eyes

One minute our hearts were full as we knelt down and gazed into their beautiful brown eyes, and the next minute our hearts were aching as we soaked in their living conditions. Their homes were made of sticks and mud. Many sleep on a dirt floor. Their kitchen is a fire out back and their bath is the river, a long walk down the dirt road. Food is scare; sickness is abundant. One of the team’s sponsor child’s father was too sick to get out of bed. There is no convenient or accessible medical care for him. Life in Haiti is hard.

Donna and Eric visiting their sponsor child Anderson and his family at their home

You can read about Donnas visit in 2014 here.

Visiting Anderson in 2014

Anderson’s change from 2013 (left) to 2015 (right)

In spite of all this, we took hope in the fact that we did what we could for now. We prayed with them and declared Jesus’ authority over their home. We hugged tight and kissed cheeks and held babies with bare bottoms. As we walked back along the narrow, dusty path, we shed a tear as we vowed to pray without ceasing for our sponsor children, as well as all the people of Haiti.

Visiting children at a local orphanage The team visiting the Pella Christian school in Haiti

PC teachers and cooks Brad and Eric in a skit performed for the school

PC students with paper crowns

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