Central College wraps up their final day in Haiti serving families, delivering goats, and bonding with the team. 

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Greetings from Pignon, Haiti! Today was our last full day of our mission trip here and we are not ready to head home. Time has definitely flown by, and the days have been full of many wonderful experiences. We have all grown in our relationship with God, and seen him at work in multiple ways that some of us have not seen before. This includes our relationships with each other, the body of Christ.  

​Thursday, saying goodbye to Haiti. We are coming home with new perspectives on how God works and how he shows His love to the world

We have been blessed to see God in each one of these experiences. Today we delivered two PET (Personal Energy Transportation) carts, to those who are unable to be independently mobile, so they don’t have to rely on family as frequently for the necessities of life. These carts are a great blessing to the family, because it can allow more efficient use of their families’ time. The first man we delivered the cart to, pictured below has only been able to walk (extremely slow) with a walking stick ever since he was two years old. He had no kids to take care of him, and his wife who died two years ago. Thankfully, his sister and brother-in-law have been taking care of him ever since. We asked where he wanted to go first, and he said a town that is an hour away and across a river!

This PET cart provides independence and self worth

In the afternoon we delivered eight goats to families in need. In this case the village leaders were there to pray over the families with us, and walk with us to the houses. Each one of the goats were pregnant females. The purpose of that is so the first female kid can be given back to the program and then given on to other families in need, which is truly a blessing!

Traveling to homes with the goats Claudin explaining the responsibilities with this gift

Where we see God the most is within our group. God has blessed us with the vulnerability to share our life struggles and testimonies. As we sit and write this, it is great to hear everyone talking and loving one another. Anna and I are so excited to be a part of this group, and to take this love God has given us for each other back to college and to our different friend groups. We are also extremely grateful and pumped to see how much MH4H is growing and developing leaders in this community, and the work that they are continuing to accomplish here as well. God is so powerful and present here in Haiti.

Visiting the preschool It is mango season. This is the time of year in Haiti when Haitians say “No one goes hungry”

See you soon and God bless you for reading this throughout the week. Your prayers are alive and being answered!


Taylor Heitkamp and Anna Shaw J

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