This is written by Kathy Bergmann and Carl Link of Nevada Memorial Lutheran Church. This is Kathy’s second time to Haiti and Carl’s first.

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Hello from Pignon, Haiti!  We have had an exciting day being the hands and feet of Christ.  As always our day began with a wonderful breakfast and then we headed out of town to visit the deaf school.  It was started in January of 2013.  Becky did a song, a story and two craft projects.  We had fun sharing with the children the common language of smiles.    It is hard to think that these children are considered by other Haitians and their families to be “dumb” and an outcast in society.  When they learn to communicate, they are bright and eager to learn.

The children were given a notebook which they decorated with a picture they drew of themselves. The children can use these books to write or draw about themselves to communicate with other visitors at the school.  We then took a break to blow and chase bubbles.  The children then made a suncatcher of tissue paper and contact paper.  Be sure to ask Pastor David and Carl who was able to separate more squares of contact paper! 

We then returned to the house for lunch.  Becky and I went to the neighborhood to the sewing center to begin the classes.  We discovered that the belts were not on the 4 treadle machines.  The machines should be ready tomorrow.  Becky did a hand sewing project.  The women fashioned fabric flowers to make pins and hair barrettes.  Smiles and laughter were present all around!  Sewing circles are the same here as in Nevada, Iowa.  I will be thinking of my friends at “Just Friends” quilt group as they meet Tuesday night.  A big thank you for the sewing items that they donated to bring to Haiti!  We will return to the sewing group Tuesday afternoon and I will (hopefully) be helping them make a sewing kit roll that they can use for their personal sewing use.

Becky, Ebens and I walked back to the Mission House and we had a quiet time for reflection and journaling before the others returned from their project. 

I sat on the patio and enjoyed the refreshing breeze as I watched rain clouds build over the mountain behind the house.  I am so thankful to all my family and friends for the opportunity to be in Pignon to be a small part of the mission of Many Hands for Haiti.  

In Christ’s service,

Kathy Bergmann

A high point for this day was teaching two young Haitian men (Woodson and Fransley) how to build vaulted trusses, to be used in the construction of a 28’x32’ pole building.  Skills such as this make them employable.  I hope this makes a difference in their lives.  There is real beauty in this country.  I am deeply and profoundly moved by what I see. 

God is good!

Carl Link   

On the drive up, the team pick up some wood. Needless to say, this wouldn’t be legal in the US. Kathy and kids. On top of the hydro-electric dam, the team picture. The group has painted a lot of nails. Pastor Dave trying out a new hair style with the help of some Haitian hair extensions. Sewing by hand in the sewing program. Singing and Praying in the hospital on the first night. At the deaf school, we did note books with self pictures on them! Becky was painting nails.