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We began our day by going to a tree nursery to get five varieties of trees to plant in the yards of four different families. We quickly realized that when we were planting trees, it was much more than just physically planting those trees. Through Christ we lent the hands of our group to those families in order for those trees to be planted. Through the trees, those families had been blessed with fruitfulness, both from the trees and from Christ, so that when those trees are fruit bearing, they will know that the fruit has been blessed and produced by Christ through our lending hands. As we lent our hands to the Haitians, they in turn lent their hands to us as we visited the Basin Zim. Immediately as we got to the waterfall Haitian helpers held our hands up the rocky path so we could view the beauty of the caves and waterfall. Every step of the way, the Haitians would guide us without hesitation. Later, a few of us sat under a waterfall, in an area tucked beneath where it was similar to a mini cave and all you could see was a white wall of rushing water in front. Soon enough, a hand came through the water, waiting for us to take it and bring us to safety on the other side. We realized later that the hand that was reaching out to us in the waterfall is similar to that of Christ. Through the fear of not knowing what’s on the other side of both the water and life, Christ lends us a hand that we will always be able to count on. Christ is the one that provides salvation. However, it is up to us if we choose to accept that hand to have eternal life.

Written by: Ashley, Brooke, Julie Harrington, and Betty Van Der Pol


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