Day 4: Sunday, March 16

Written by Christy Vander Haar, MH4H trip participant

In the last month, the words blessed assurance have been spoken to my heart by the Lord, prayed over me, and spoken to me on four separate occasions. Now, I come to Haiti and that is the hymn that we sang in Creole today. Holy echoes. God assures us that He is on the Throne and He is in full control. He is asking us to TRUST. I am a thinker; I try to understand why things are as they are. Why do people suffer? God is assuring me that He sees the beautiful people in this picturesque land. He knows, He loves, and He is advancing His kingdom.

The team in front of the church on Sunday morning.

I want the fire inside; I want the deep passion. I want the deep trust and faith that allows Christ followers to advance His kingdom with simple obedience and MUCH God-given LOVE. Maybe the pathway to this fire begins with deep trust, blessed assurance that God is ruling and will defeat evil ultimately. I want to be a kingdom player, wherever the Lord places me.

Today, we had the opportunity to deliver meals to homes in the surrounding communities. We gave out 108 boxes, each containing food for 36 meals that would feed 6 people. (That is 23,328 meals!) We walked along the road of Savanette, stopping at homes, fellowshipping and praying for the families. One joy-filled woman was so excited when she said thank-you in English. She gave me a fist-bump when she saw that I understood her. Then she cut some fresh lemon grass to give to someone to plant at the Many Hands for Haiti compound. It smells amazing. I will not forget her JOY. It was so exciting to see that meals prepared in Iowa are being received by the people of Haiti. Believe me, from my perspective, the food will fill hungry bellies.

Praying with the families during the food distribution.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! And there is enough of Jesus for everyone, everywhere! I know that I will still struggle with suffering, but maybe my Lord does as well. It is not how it is supposed to be, not yet. But one day, all things will be made new, all injustice will be corrected. We are called to join in the advancement of God’s kingdom here on Earth, as it is in heaven NOW. That is why we are here. May God help us to feel and see, and join Him.

These meals were packaged and boxed by the community of Neveda, IA through Outreach, Inc. We delivered 23,328 meals today.


Kathy Roozeboom donated this wheel chair for this dear Grandma of Djouveline, Widza, and Phinnette who broke her leg in two places and cannot walk. Mesi!

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