The day was busy with church to loving those of Haiti! The team agrees, God is good and is blessing their time in Haiti with memories, friendships, and love.

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Today was Sunday, and it was our fourth day in Haiti. Everyone has adjusted to the days here and the group has become comfortable with one another. The out of place feeling is still present but largely diminished. We have become bolder as a group and as individuals. Seeing our team bond together has been a truly incredible experience. I suppose it’s only proper to talk about our wonderful day.

Better together and looking good!

It started out with a delicious French toast breakfast, which I liked very much. After that, we went to church. Hearing the Haitian people sing was incredible because they were so excited to worship.

Praying for the people of Haiti

They sang so much louder than we do in church in America. I enjoyed the sermon despite the fact that I didn’t understand anything that was being said. On our way back to Many Hands, we stopped in Pignon for lunch. Our food was good although some of our team members didn’t enjoy it much. In the afternoon, we got bags of food together and delivered them to various people in the community.

We found a cat! Journeying

Delivering food to those in need

The people we delivered the food to were all very sweet. One lady sang to us a song of thanks; it was very cute. On the way back to our temporary home, we stopped in town for ice cream. This brought many smiling faces and much joy to our team.

Enjoying the ice cream!

When we got back to Many Hands campus, another team member and I helped cook dinner. We made spaghetti and garlic bread. Needless to say, I ate quite a bit. After finishing up dinner, we all sat down for devotions. It was wonderful to have some time to talk after such an incredible day. I’ve been having an amazing time here doing the work of God. I am thankful for His many blessings in everyone else’s lives and mine. I cannot wait for the experiences I will have tomorrow. May God’s will be done.

-Fred Doberstein III