Today, Fresno Bible Church Team was able to experience Haiti from the top of a mountain. Team members also used the trip to learn about life.

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Today I hiked up a mountain. That may not seem like a big thing for you hikers out there, but when you add in the factor of never hiking before in my life, it was a BIG deal. As we headed out, I quickly fell to the back of the group and soon had to take break after break. We broke up into three groups: the fast group, the slow group and my group consisting of Christi, Felix, and me. To tell you the truth, I did not think that I was going to make it to the top, and I was miserable so I started praying, “Dear Lord, please help me make it to the top.” Soon after that Christi said, “We are going to take our time and enjoy the hike up.”

Enjoying the hike!

I will be honest; I thought, enjoy the hike up? How could anybody enjoy this? Then I realized that was exactly what I had to do to make it to the top, and something clicked; I was no longer miserable, and I knew that I was going to make it. It was long, hard, and tiring, but I did it; because my goal was more than just getting to the top, I began enjoying the dew on the blades of grass, getting to the first lookout point and gazing down on the clouds, and getting to know Christi and Felix. Because of this, making it to the top was so much better. In all of this, I realized that in most anything I do, I do it for the end goal, and I forget the journey. Then the thought came, what have I missed out on because the journey was too hard for it to be worth it in the end? So I guess I did more than just climb up a mountain today. I got a new perspective on life.

Hey, we made it!

Thankful to have reached the mountain top!

Rachel Shelly