Over the past week, Fresno Bible Church Team has been very busy fulfilling God’s work. Through it all, they have shown God’s love to the Haitian people and maintained servant hearts. While helping others, the team also learned many things themselves. The team has truly understood what it means to transform together.

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Riding together Ready to ride! Traveling together!

Man are we really on Day five?…..
Since we arrived last Thursday, every day has seemed to fly by in an instant. Even though time has passed so quickly, we have accomplished so much. We have been to the market, served food to kids, delivered food to people’s houses, gone to church, and even delivered goats!

Market coconut!

Working together; better together! 

Delivering goats to those in need Walking the goats to their home!

Over the past five days I have learned so much, not just about the Haitian culture but about myself and the people I am serving. The people of Haiti have many needs. Food, medicine, and money for medical issues are some of their biggest needs, but like everywhere, these people need Jesus. When I was preparing to come on this trip, I was most excited about encouraging the Christian community in Haiti, but now that I am down here, I am amazed at how these people praise his name. These people will sing until their voices give out, they love to study his word, and they want everyone to hear about Jesus.

Evenie showing so much joy Haitian boy helping on the farm Spending time with the Haitian children Walking with the children!

In church yesterday, a man stood up and recited a Haitian proverb saying something along the lines of, “If we repeat the words loud enough, everyone will hear it and come.” It makes me think… Why can’t I worship and depend upon the Lord like these people? When I return to my hometown, I hope to spread the stories about my experiences here and trust in God’s will and provision.  Last note: In church on Sunday the message studied the passage Revelation 3:1-6 and I highly recommend reading it.

Kaitlyn Clark