Lily Skelley and Psalm Wright are a part of the team from Fresno Bible Church currently serving on Many Hands’ campus in Haiti. This is the first trip to Haiti for both girls.  As they are rounding out their time in Haiti, both look back at the experiences they had had and where they saw God.

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Lily Skelley:

Hello everyone! My name is Lily and I’m 12 years old. This is my very first mission trip and I want to tell you about what we have done!

The very first thing we did was go to the market. They sold noodles, rice, beans, oil and many other things. Their money is called “goudes.” If you pay them 100 goudes that seems like a lot to them, but in American money it’s only $1. The reason why we bought the food was to give it to families. We went to many houses to pray for them and gave them the food we bought at the market.

An example of one of the moments when I had a lot of faith in God was when I was climbing up Mt. Pignion. The hike up was really tough, but I just kept thinking of the pancakes Mr. Craig was making for when we got back. I was so grateful when we got to the top and the view was amazing!

Playing with the little kids was fun too! We played frisbee, soccer, and we gave out candy and balloons. We also had a history lesson! Haitian’s history in my opinion is sad, scary, and hard. But, even though many Haitian’s are poor and the past and present is hard, they are still joyful. Even though I wish I could stay here in Pignon, I will be glad to be back home. The people of Haiti have been a blessing to me!

Psalm Wright:

Today, I went to the goat farm. It was really cool and I enjoyed watching Zane and Lily try to catch the baby goats.

I saw God on the way back from “Goat Land” when there were several kiddos following us. At first, they seemed hesitant to come near us, but they ended up following us. (Probably because of Ben’s drone.) I saw how once we said “Bonswa” and offered our hands to them they trusted us. It reminded me that God wants me to trust him and that He gave me his hand and he told me about the greatest greeting of all. And yet, I still struggle with trusting him.

So I was very thankful for these children reminding me (even if they didn’t know that they did) that God is trustworthy. It reminded me of the verse, Matthew 18: 2-4, when Jesus said that we should trust God like a child would trust someone. And I realized that these children trust better than I do.

One thing that made me uncomfortable was playing soccer with the other boys. I’m an introvert by nature and it took me out of my comfort zone to be around VERY friendly people-people.

Today, at the goat farm, one of the workers there, (I only remember him as NFL Man,) helped catch the baby goats for us and he would just take a big step and grab their back legs and Boom! He had a baby goat. Ben thought he could be a wide-receiver! That basically covers much of the exciting things I did today. ~OREVWA~