by Henry Allen, first time trip participant

The Lord gave us another day of great weather in this beautiful country, and He also was working in great ways here today. We were privileged to be a part of that. Our primary activities of the day were going to the Pella Christian School, helping at Thrive for 5, and visiting a family in need of help in the afternoon.

Our visit to Pella Christian was a very rewarding and encouraging experience. We visited all four classrooms, filled with approximately 150 students. We were welcomed in each classroom with the students standing to greet us and thanking us for the support of their school. The teachers were very hospitable and showed us what they were teaching. It was wonderful to see these young children getting an education in a country where many young children don’t get that opportunity.

At recess, the students played games with a multicolored parachute that Tim brought out. They had a great time, laughing and yelling. Approximately 40 students enjoyed holding on to the edges of the circular parachute and flapping it up and down, while a couple of plastic bottles bounced wildly on the top of it. They then played a game where they flipped the parachute up over them so they could run around under it. It was so enjoyable just seeing kids being kids and having a good time, just like kids all over the world.

On Tuesdays, Thrive for 5 is dedicated to helping the attending mothers and children with health issues. A health agent from HBP hospital in Pignon visits the program at Savanette on Tuesdays and provides medical assistance in the form of medicines and vaccinations. The health agent’s salary is paid by MH4H as part of the Thrive for 5 program. (Click here to learn more about HBP hospital.) When we arrived from the Pella School, the program time was almost over, but the health agent was still very busy treating everything from scrapes to serious sicknesses.

Above: Because of  child sponsorships, children  like Shednika Joseph (2) receive free immunizations through Thrive for 5 that protect them against various diseases. Click here to see kids like her who are still waiting to be sponsored. 

Later in the day, our hearts became heavy when we found out that a young boy west of Pignon had been badly burned and could not get proper treatment because his family didn’t have the necessary money. Tim said we would go out to the family in the countryside in the afternoon to see if we could provide any help. It was a 30 minute trip over rough dirt roads to get us to the family’s home in the town of Boquerone.

When we got there, we found the family huddled over an eight year old boy named Denilson. He had been burned badly on his right side and back when he was trying to cook some food and fell into the fire. This happened on September 20th, but all the local hospital could do was bandage his arm, side, and back. The hospital farther away in the city of Mirebalais had a burn unit that could graft skin, but the family had no money to support an extended visit there. The bandages would have to be changed every eight days and a parent would need to be at that hospital with the boy for a very long time.

However, God was at work this afternoon in that small home. In a small village in the middle of sugar cane fields and corn fields, the team laid hands on this boy and prayed for him. Tim and Ebens were able to buy minutes on Tim’s phone in that small village, find Dr. Guy’s phone number, actually get a call through to Dr. Guy, and come up with a plan to make sure little Denilson could be treated at the burn unit in Mirebalais. God is good! All the time!

Above: Denilson, 8, fell in a fire on September 20. After being unable to pay for the necessary hospital treatment, his parents were about to turn to witch doctors for help. MH4H stepped in just in time and is helping this boy receive the proper treatment he needs. 

In addition to the many great things I’ve seen MH4H doing here in Haiti, it has been a very touching experience for me to get to know a couple of staff members on a closer level. Their stories are inspiring.  They are men of faith, and they have been a blessing to this community. They are very quick to express all their appreciation for the support from MH4H and our team, but we are just grateful to the Lord for this opportunity to be here to serve with them.

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Note from MH4H: Denilson will be receiving care at the hospital in Mirebalais. MH4H plans to provide the necessary accommodations for proper treatment and care for Denilson and his family in this difficult time. We will keep you posted on his progress as we get updates. Please keep this precious little boy and his family in your prayers! Praise God for leading us to him and his family before the family called on witch doctors for his healing.