by Vicar Mary Wiggins, MH4H trip participant 

Greetings all! It’s hard to believe that our week is almost over. We started our very full Saturday early. After breakfast, we went to pour concrete at the home of one of the Thrive for 5 kids named Samantha. We all pitched in to haul gravel and cement; it was quite the event for the community. The neighbors gathered from all around in the yard to watch. It was a great feeling leaving the home mid-morning knowing little Samantha and her brother will not have to sleep on dirt tonight. I do have to say the staff of MH4H consists of very hard workers. The ELCA motto rings true here of it being God’s work and our hands.

After we finished at little Sammie’s house, we all headed into Pigon to the market. It was fascinating to see all the things people were selling. After buying a few trinkets and stopping by to see the artist Alexander, we went to the area where they sell the livestock, and then we walked into the market itself. The market was bustling with people on top of people. They were selling everything from soap to meat, and there were a few things sold there I didn’t recognize. It was fun! We ended up running into Jocelyn, one of the moms from Thrive for 5. She had spotted us, and it was neat that she waved us over and that we have been so embraced here by the moms.

After our time in the market, we came back to the mission house. After lunch, Carl and Pastor Dave worked with two young Haitians to build ladders for the dorms, while Jody and I went out to bring food and a couple pillow case dresses to her sponsored child. We checked on the progress of the walls being built at her house which looked great! (Click here to read about Jody’s first introduction to her sponsored child and the child’s home.) We also stopped by to see how the first cement floor that was laid this morning looked which was finished. The rest of the group enjoyed a great afternoon of fellowship. We ended the day with a delicious meal and time of fellowship.

We sang outside with Woody before dinner, and then after dinner, we went out again and talked for hours. Tomorrow will come early most likely. Overall, today was great. It has been a blessing to get to know the people here. Haiti has touched all of us I believe.

P.S. The best sight in the world might be a Haitian sunset. What a testament to the beauty of creation.

by Carl Link, MH4H trip participant 

It is my last evening in the village of Savanette, and I feel compelled to write on this blog. It has been a most wonderful time in Haiti. I enjoy being with my Haitian friends. Much work was accomplished for the betterment of this community. Vicar Mary was a fine addition to the group, and I hope the experience she had will help her to be the best pastor that she can be. We all sat around and chewed on sugarcane tonight. It was magical. Praise Him in all His glory!

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