The Haven CRC team reflect on the relationships they have formed, and how God has worked through those friendships to strengthen their faith.
By Taylor Kraal

You can catch up the Haven CRC’s days 5 here.

The motto for Many Hands For Haiti is “Pi Bon Ansanm”; translated as “Better Together.”

This has been a central idea for our journey these past few days. The phrase “better together” encompasses the truth of Genesis 1:18 in which God said “it is not good for man to be alone.” Many Hands For Haiti acknowledges this motto by encouraging “togetherness” in relationships between the Haitian people, the organization’s staff, group members, and all people’s personal relationship with the Lord.

Today our group saw the effects of “better together” while working side by side with Haitian workers to paint a house and pour a concrete floor.

Painting a home Psalm 27:1 for Anosper’s new home Anosper’s home painted

Like everyday here, relationships were formed and many existing bonds were strengthened. Again, the Spirit worked to knock down walls of language and race and left in their place groups of fun-loving, God-fearing, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Food Delivery Paralyzed man and his family received food

The group after meeting this family that would receive food

Elderly couple receiving food and prayer ‘Pi Bon Ansanm’ with a concrete floor crew Agronomy class on Many Hands campus being taught by Claudin

Reflecting on the day, everything we accomplished was finished because we did it together, working side by side with others and, more importantly, working side by side with God.