Delivering blessings and finishing projects, the Hope Reformed Spencer Team wrap up their week in Haiti.

You can catch up on the teams 5th day here. 

Today was already our last full day in Haiti. The week went by faster than any of us expected, but we aren’t ready to leave.

We delivered PET carts in the morning. These PET carts are for people who have difficulty walking. Yes people, not pets. PET stands for People eating tarantulas. Jk lolol. It stands for Personal Energy Transport cart. We split up into two groups. One group assembled and delivered two carts while the other group took one. It was another opportunity to see the smiles on these people’s faces despite the fact that they have so little.

PET Delivery

Rylie and Carli were in the group that delivered one cart. We noticed how well people manage without the technology that we consider a necessity. For example, we couldn’t find the guy we were delivering the cart to, but there was a man walking down the road and he helped us. He simply yelled Richard’s name and from quite a ways away he answered.

Follow the leader

Brenna and Abby were in the other group and handed out dolls and hats to the kids along with the PET carts. Karmen’s mom knitted the hats and dolls. There were 3 babies who received hats, and 4 little girls who received dolls.

Delivering the carts didn’t take up much time, so once we got back we ate lunch and took a tour of the compound. There is so much more to the compound than we thought. We saw the garden, the trees, and so much more that we hadn’t seen before.

MH4H Campus

Since we still had to finish up some of our projects that we started this week, this afternoon was left to finish them. We girls finished painting the preschool, another group finished the playground, and the rest of the team helped out in other ways.

Painting the preschool

Setting up the Playground Putting on the finishing touches of the playground

The kids love to play . . .

And play . . . . . . and more play! What new and exciting fun for them!

We spent the remainder of the evening playing games, doing our devotion, and packing. Tomorrow some of the cooler members of the team will start the day with another hike before we get on the plane to head back to the states. Our plane will leave at about 12. We will be staying at a hotel in Florida before heading back to Iowa on Friday morning. Thanks for tuning in to our supe dupe lit blog. We hope you enjoyed it and all of our cool teen slang.

Written by yours truly, for the last time,
Rylie, Carli, Brenna, and Abby

Hope Spencer Team What a blessing


You can catch up on the teams 5th day here.