The Hope Spencer team is checking off the boxes of our to-do lists and loving every minute of it. But when the sun sets and we draw near to the Lord in reflection and prayer we are left to answer to the true measure of our busyness. As Lori Taylor says below, it is God who defines our successfulness. More than a checked box He is looking for faithfulness and obedience. Keep reading to share in Lori’s thoughts.

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With such a large group, it’s easy to split up and work on our to-do list. This morning, two groups went to schools, in the neighboring town of Savanette, to weigh and measure the students in 1st-3rd grades. Records are kept to watch the progress of the students, and it was a joy to see that they are growing and thriving!

Two other groups stayed back at the campus to continue with the painting and construction projects. Much progress was made on both! We’re racing the clock now, as our time in Haiti winds down, so we’re very motivated!

This afternoon one truckload of us went back to Savanette to finish the food distributions. We visited the two children that Karmen sponsors and a set of twins that have special meaning to the Helmink and Taylor families. Seeing how much those kids have grown since our last visit was encouraging, and they’re all old enough now to remember our faces from visit to visit. Some skeptics question the impact that short term teams can have, but there’s no doubt that relationships and connections have been formed here over the years. At each house, we pray for protection and good health for the family, as well as any specific concerns they may have.
Most of us have bruises and a little sunburn. Some of us have sore muscles and a few aches. I think most of us are a little homesick, too. But the scene we witnessed late this afternoon was a concrete affirmation that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing. In front of his home, a boy was reading to his siblings. He was reading from the brand new Bible he received at the Color Blast on Saturday, and so far, he had read 190 pages. How many of us can say we’ve done that in the last three days? I know I can’t.

Statistics and to-do lists are important to Americans. Personally, I take great satisfaction in checking off the boxes. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. But that’s not how God measures success. We may never know exactly what we “accomplished” here to further God’s kingdom. But He gave us precious gifts today, in the smiles on the faces, and seeing young people reading and sharing the Word. ✔️


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