This is written by  Kameron Brand, 8 years old and currently in Pignon, Haiti with her family. (Steve & Robin, Kaleb (11), Nolan (11) and Summer (11). Grandpa and Grandma  are there as well (Bev & Denny Brand)) This is Kameron’s first time traveling outside of the USA.

Why We Go – Written by Steve Brand
Day 1 – Written by Kaleb Brand
Day 2 – Written by Summer Brand

Summer (left) and Kameron (right) at the orphanage.

Summer (left) and Kameron (right) at the orphanage.

Hi!  This is Kameron and I am 8 years old.  I was so happy when mom and dad told me we were coming to Haiti.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but flying across the ocean sounded exciting.  I also looked forward to having a different experience than my everyday life in Mount Vernon.

Grandma woke us up early today so we could go hand out Bible’s at St. Colette  and check in on another school too.  After this, we went to the market.  We saw a donkey parking lot.  It had a lot of donkeys and poop there.  Ebens said that every Tuesday they had a market.  Everybody brings their goats to the market because they don’t have any cars.  They pack up everything to sell on their donkeys.  We saw like five million on the dirt road.  Right near the market we saw my Uncle Tim’s piece of land that he just bought for all the good things he is trying to do.  Grandpa told us there would be an open worship center, a sewing center, a house for Zeke and Bebe (the directors), a dormitory for work teams and also extra land for agricultural development and a coffee business.  This is a really nice thing that Uncle Tim is doing.

Next, we went to go and check on a lady that has really bad cancer.  We gave her water, checked to see if she was taking her medicine and eating her food.  Then, we prayed for her.  She is so sick that she lays outside and is too weak to get back in her one-roomed house.  This makes me feel sad that nobody can help her and her husband is not home to make sure she is doing okay.

Here is the whole family at Salt and Light school, with newly painted number lines!

After my favorite lunch of mac and cheese, we went to the Salt and Light school to finish our painting.  We painted the ABC’s, numbers, and shapes in different colors over the painted rooms that we did on Monday.  There were kids running all over.  They were trying to peek in the windows and doors.  They liked to laugh at me when I got paint on myself.  Once, I even leaned on new fresh paint because they were painting the outside of the building, too.  Me, mom, Summer, Nolan, Kaleb, Grandma, Grandpa, Ebens, and Cliff were painting while dad was putting up new chalk boards.  Some of the rooms we didn’t have enough chalk  boards for, so we just painted the old chalkboards black.  You can still write on these with chalk, though.  The truck rides were really fun.  I always ride in the back.  We like to take pictures on our way places and sing songs as we go.  Everybody yells, “Blanc” on our way by because we are so white. The kids will try to chase our truck and giggle.  They stared even more when my brother Kaleb took his shirt off!

When I came home, my two goats (Rosie and Sophie) that have been my friends since I got here were gone.  They have been tied up to a tree near our backyard.  People here eat goat. I think somebody ate them.

My favorite part about Haiti is that there are no speed limits.  Also, the orphanage was really fun to visit.  However, I would never want to live there.  It would be hard to be around a lot of people all the time.  I can’t imagine not having a mom and dad who would cook my favorite foods and play with me.  I am so lucky that I have my parents and live in the United States.


This is us meeting our sponsor family.