The Lutheran Church of Hope team has spent the day mingling with their new Haitian friends. Listen as Travis Cottrell expresses how he saw the Holy Spirit moving while the team shared the gifts God sent them to give.

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Day 3 – Sunday November 5th

Today was a beautiful day.  We were welcomed into a local church for their Sunday service.  It was wonderful to feel the energy and excitement in the worship.  The songs were joyful and upbeat.  I found it interesting that the first song was in French and the rest in Haitian Creole.  So even though I couldn’t understand every word, I loved listening to their voices as the corrugated roof of the timber structure seemed to vibrate.

After lunch at a local restaurant, we were able to go out into the community and share gifts of food with six families chosen by Pastor Silvan.  It was an amazing experience being welcomed into their homes.  It was very touching to see the joy in their hearts and you could feel the Holy Spirit moving along side us as we shared God’s gifts with them.

We also enjoyed some recreational time with a short hike that included crossing a suspension bridge over a river.  It was a wonderful way to close out a day that moved each of us.

Travis Cottrell