Jim, from Lutheran Church of Hope, describes the breath-taking mountainous panorama the Citadel offers while reciting a few historic facts. Keep reading to learn about Haiti’s history and God’s greatness.

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Today we took a brief break from serving and spent our day experiencing more of the local culture while exploring the Northern side of Haiti.  There’s something beautiful about hitting the road before the sun comes up and enjoying the cool air against your face as you observe his creation slowly and intentionally.  

We traveled form Pignon to Milot to tour The Citadel and Sans Souci palace. The palace which was built by King Henri Christophe beginning in 1810 and finishing in 1813.  The World Heritage site is the most jaw drop experience providing breath taking views of this beautiful country.  Similar to the sensation of first seeing the Grand Canyon in the USA, you can’t help but pause and reflect on God’s great power and creative hand sculpting every detail.  
The travels there and back provided the team many hours of fellowship, smiles, and laughter.  And as if that weren’t enough, we had a pit stop in St. Rafael due to a flat tire.  What initially seemed to be a unfortunate event turned into a blessing as we got an opportunity to laugh and connect with the Haitian children that quickly gathered around us.  I couldn’t help but reflect on how crowds gathered around Jesus.  Not a dozen like we experienced but thousands.  As His messengers, our hope is that we brought a smile and a posture of love that that draws them closer to Him.

I conclude this day with full awareness that this land is as beautiful as its people.