The Lutheran Church of Hope team is finishing their week-long trip in Haiti. Before they leave, prayer requests have been sent for the friends they’ve met here. Keep reading to see how this trip has changed their lives.
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Greetings from Haiti!
We just finished day six of our seven day trip, but in all honesty…I have not been counting.  Yes we need to be timely for meals and somewhat timely for projects, but overall, you lose track of time a bit down here.
While I want to do the best I can to communicate this experience to you through a blog or a prayer email, the truth is, you need to come to Haiti and see and experience it for yourself. If you have ever had even an ounce of thought about a trip like this, all I can say is…GO FOR IT!
Today we split our team between a few different projects. Our team went and planted six banana trees at a home that MH4H has worked with. The family is taught how to care for these plants and then we come and plant them.  We begin and end all of our projects by praying with the family…and often about 5 to 10 other neighbor kids that have come to check things out pray with us as well.
After finishing the trees, we headed down the road and painted a house that Many Hands had built a few weeks ago for a family. We decided on the colors salmon and teal…which really are the only colors they sell here in Haiti.
Our other team helped pour a concrete floor today. Let’s just say mixing the cement is all by hand and then a bucket brigade of our team is needed to pour it. Water is brought up from the river (usually the family provides that as their part of the project) to help make the cement. It’s not an easy process but such a gift to these people who have had to live with a dirt floor all their lives.
It’s all of these things (and more) that we often take for granted that can be life transforming for a family here in Haiti.
We then headed back to Many Hands for lunch and then back out to play with kids at a school for the deaf.  Everyone jumped in and we did some dances for and with the kids and then games outside. I apologize now if the Macarena starts sweeping across Haiti now… that would be our fault.  We also had a few hours of fun outside with hula hoops, a parachute, tennis balls and Spikeball. It was a lot of fun!
Then, every night, we have a wrap up/devotion time that have been so rich. Tonight Abbey, a girl from our group, did the devotion and she rocked it, talking about Romans 12:4-8 and the different gifts we all have. And the Craig and Christi, the staff here at MH4H, shared their story of how they ended up here. What a gift to have them, along with their team, as our leaders this week. Amazing!!!
Let me close with a few PRAYER REQUESTS.
First, those who have been praying for Tamara’s healing fro her accident, she has been getting better each day.  She does a few projects, but then needs to give her ankle a rest.  She then becomes our hands on prayer warrior for the rest of the day.  Please pray that she will continue to heal.
Here are a few other pray requests:
– Our team to finish strong.
– To be led Friday to the right people who need a Pet Cart (a hand pedal cart for those who cannot walk in order to get around).
– For a number of new believers in the communities we visited. That they would stay close to Jesus.
– For the kids in the orphanages we have visited that they would grow up to transform their country for the Kingdoms sake.
– For our travels home on Saturday/Sunday. Safe travels back to Port au Prince on Saturday from Pignon.
Thanks again to those who have been praying for the people of Haiti and our team. It has been an amazing journey for all of us.
In God’s Grace,
Chad Borgestad
Hope Waukee Campus Minister


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