This is written by Collin Ashman, member of the Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Pella, IA, on their trip to Pignon, Haiti. This is their first trip to Haiti serving with MH4H.

Hello Brothers and sisters in Christ,

The River in Pignon

My day started at 4:05 a.m. with a rooster crowing very loudly. I’m not sure what the life expectancy of a rooster is here, but I think this one might not be very long! We started our day with a walk to the river. The women and children were there doing their laundry by hand. It is also a source of water for the Haitians. There was a girl that was going up a steep bank with a 5 gallon bucket balancing on her head … that was quite amazing. The river is also a place to wash off the buses. Jo Ann thought that was a quick and easy way to get the buses washed inside and out.

The Market in Pignon.

We then went to the market next. That was quite an experience. For me, it gave a feeling of how it would have been in Jesus’s time. It appeared to be a few thousand Haitians in a very small space, each one of them trying to sell what they had brought, probably some coming from a long distance on foot. In the afternoon, some of us started building desks for the schools and others went to the hospital. I thought it was cool to see the gifts and talents that God has given each of us. In the evening, Dave showed a movie on a bed sheet – Goonies. I made about thirteen bags of popcorn and got to hand it out to the kids that came. It was neat to see the smiles on their faces from just a handful of popcorn. I”m sure it was the first movie the kids have ever seen. The highlight for me was a pair of oxen and cart going right between us. You won’t see that in Pella! Life seems so simple here.

This is my first time to go on a Mission trip, saying yes only because I wanted to meet my sponsor child at Pella Christian Grade School, which was blessing. In just a few days here, I now know it so much more than that. Seeing what little these people have, living without electricity or running water, walking everywhere, living in homes made from cement blocks with a tin roof, made me realize, how much I am truly blessed. But the amazing thing is that I don’t see a lot of unhappy faces. My thoughts are what can I give up in my life so someone can have a better way of life.

CrossWe need to pray for the country of Haiti that God will be present here and Christ will be known as their Lord and Savior. That Satan will not bind these people and they will have the hope to be in Heaven someday. God, you are awesome. Make a difference in the people of Haiti. Help me to know how I am to be used after I get back to Pella, that will change my heart to think of those who have so much less than I have. Break my heart for what breaks Yours.

“Blessed are those who are poor, for they will inherit the kingdom of heaven”.

In his Grip,  Collin Ashman