The Memorial Lutheran team is experiencing a new way of seeing the world. Through early mountain hikes, social immersion, and  interacting with a group of women, the group has been learning about life in Haiti. Keep reading to discover some of these life lessons.

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Saturday morning some of us climbed Mount Pignon.  It was challenging but safe because of help from Haitian young men who were there to help us.  Herby, Wathson, and Tibens made sure we didn’t fall.

The Saturday market is not for the faint of heart.  Truly all senses are overloaded.  But a person can choose to look past, up and over the dust thrown up by the tethered animals being sold, the the trash heaps, the smells of … everything.  You can choose to see the mountains, the clouds, the sky.  And you are reminded that, indeed, this is our Father’s world.  The business of the market, that’s the Haitian’s world.  That is their commerce and their social life. Even with the chaos, there was a certain beauty created by the community as people shouted what they have for sale, the colors of the merchandise, and the energy created by everyone trying to find what they are looking for.

Days For Girls is a program designed to help young girls and women to be able to live their lives even when they are on their period. Instead of having to miss five or six days of school or work a month, now they have the resources to still live their lives.

The afternoon spent at Pastor Francois’ Orphanage was fantastic for everyone—children and adults alike.  The smiles on the faces of the children made the afternoon worth it right from the beginning.  We brought bubbles, Hot Wheels cars, jump ropes, fingernail polish, cookies and juice.  Christi even brought her unicycle to ride and helped children ride it.  

It was truly two days of learning about ourselves and others.


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