Fourteen-year-old Kaden, with the Mobility Worldwide Team, left to distribute PET carts in Ouanaminthe, a border town between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. On the way, they stop in Dondon to meet more cart recipients. See the trip through Kaden’s perspective below.

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Monday, 0500 hours.
Kaden: We hit the road early to distribute Mobility carts. Twyla stayed back at the campus and continued to cut out parts for the reusable diaper operation. The rest of us stopped in Dondon for a breakfast of eggs, bread, and sugary coffee. We also gave three crank carts away in Dondon. Two to the locals and one to a handicap facility for later distribution. It was a bouncy trip; my dad and I got ticketed for sitting on the top of the truck cab, the officials said that it made their country look bad if foreigners were sitting on top of the truck cab. They let Herby (ebby) and Watson sit on top of the truck though.

When we got to Ouanaminthe (wannamet) we gathered in a church yard. Luckily the church was open so the recipients wouldn’t get hot sitting in the sun all day. Sadly many people who came did not receive carts, and we were not able to give them pull carts because we had a very limited amount. One lady was on the ground crying, we gave her another chance, but she proved once again too weak to operate the cart. We were able to modify one cart to fit a large woman. The trouble was getting her on and off it. It took a lot of team work to get her on that cart. With four people lifting we were able to get her on the cart.Then we set off down the road less traveled to give away six more crank carts. We were expecting to give the pull carts away there, but every one who was there proved strong enough to use a crank cart! One 14 year old boy particularly touched our hearts. He had been injured in a fire. He had a burned hand which caused him to lose his fingers. One of his legs had also been injured. When he got on that cart every one clapped and cheered. That was an amazing experience.
Then we headed back to Oanaminthe and distributed more carts. Five pulls and four crank carts were given. Then we had a grueling four hour plus drive back to the campus! When we got back at 11:30 we all enjoyed a hot shower and some food. Then we hit the hay and instantly fell asleep.


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