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Tim, Kaden, and Christi headed out at 5:30 am to master the mountain while the rest of us slept in. Chef Craig made delicious French toast for breakfast, then we loaded the cart, now complete with new seat vinyl as well as a new pivot pin, in the pickup and delivered it to the owner on our way to church. The service was in Creole, of course, and there were several faces in the congregation that we recognized from previous trips, so we enjoyed the opportunity to visit with them after the service. After lunch in Pignon and a quick stop at the market for some supplies for the family that would be getting Angel (the goat), once more we piled into the pickup, hoisted Angel up, and off we went.

One of the many blessings we as a team experience here is seeing familiar faces. In Hinche we encountered many we recognized from our first distribution in February of 2016. Jean Philip, a young man who crawled up on his first cart, hardly smiled at all and seemed to have no hope. His only income was his artwork, but in Haiti most people don’t have money to spend on art. Fast-forward to this week at our distribution of carts in Hinche. Jean Philip is the man in charge. He now has prosthetic legs and is repairing carts and helping those needing a cart. He recognized us and has a huge smile. He has new confidence, hope and purpose. He relates to the disabled and is so encouraging to those trying out their new carts.

Today when we were distributing food to families, we also visited Jocelyn Daniel who was the first person to receive a cart on our Mobility Worldwide trip in 2016. He came to MH4H campus to receive his wheels and was off down the road with a smile on his face. On our visit today, we checked his cart and it was in very good shape. We could tell he is taking good care of it. He builds chairs, farms his ground, and is now in a pilot program through Many Hands of bucket gardening, similar to the hydroponic gardens. He travels to Many Hands campus two times a day for instruction and he lives over a mile away. In Haiti a mile is a long way! This young man, because he has wheels, has a new lease on life and is a vital part of his family and community. It is such a blessing to us to see his radiant smile! He told us, “My PET is my life”. We will be sure to communicate to our volunteers in Leighton that what they do make an amazing difference in many people’s lives!

After our food distributions we toured MH4H Goat Land. That is an amazing program that helps parents pay for education for their children. They have a tower that overlooks the whole area so the goat shepherds can keep good track of them all. At this time they have over 50 goats and the majority of them are pregnant.

After our spaghetti supper we packed for our big day tomorrow, with even more carts to distribute to those in need.

Thanks for praying for us.


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