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From the eyes of Tammi Hess in Haiti…

First of all, we are all God’s children, and God loves us all in his way not our own. My experience since being here has been one I won’t forget. I am truly grateful to be down here with some of my family: my favorite aunt, my favorite sister (oh, I only have one!), her husband, and her youngest daughter.

Haiti has given me an opportunity to be silent for a few days like Samuel said to God, “speak Lord, your servant is listening.” What I have seen is the tremendous work Many Hands is doing for the handicapped, the new generation being raised, the families they serve, and many other blessings to the communities. It is not only about the here and the now, it is about the future as well. I see this in the following up with the PET carts, continuing to care for the ones that have been delivered and also experimenting with a different style of a PET cart.

Today I experienced a Haitian church and I didn’t understand a word they were saying, I just prayed and asked for the Holy Spirit to come. After church, we went to a Haitian restaurant and it was exciting to sit with the members of our group. Then we went to deliver food to some families in need. They all were very grateful. The one that stuck out the most, was an elderly man who said “God provides and I trust in him.” Much faith he has and I am grateful to see his faith.


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