Through the grace and blessing of God, there are many things that the MH4H staff and short term mission teams get to do. We GET to do food distributions for some who desperately need nourishment right now. We GET to invest long-term, spiritually and physically, into specific families as we walk through the “nitty-gritty-ness” of life together. These are just a few of the wonderful opportunities of ministry in Haiti. Yet for every family, every person, that Many Hands GETS to help, there are others that we don’t get to help. These are the ones we have to give to God knowing that, while our hearts hurt for them, His heart breaks for them and He will not forsake them. The Mobility Worldwide team experienced both the “get’s” and the “don’t get’s” in a physically and emotionally trying day. Keep reading to hear their story.

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Harold and Twyla: We left at 8:00 am with 4 carts – heading through the river and over the hills on roads that turned into narrow goat paths the further we drove. About 3/4 mile from our destination, we heard air hissing from a rear tire. We drove on it until the pickup just couldn’t make it up a gulley. It took all hands pushing to turn the truck around. The driver changed the tire and found a shade tree to park while we walked about 1/2 mile to the church, where about 15 potential recipients and their families were waiting for us.

Carol, Christi, L & A (our Haitian cart repair technicians 🙂 began the vetting process to see who would get the carts while the rest of us hiked back to the truck, assembled the 4 carts, and drove/pushed them back to the church. Due to “poor planning” on our part, we then had to hike baaaack to the truck to get the bags of diapers and kids’ clothing. Our vetting team had a difficult time deciding which of the 15 people would get a cart, but finally decided on the four.
So, adjusting seats, giving instructions, filling out the paperwork, blessing the carts and recipients – then inside the church for giving out diapers and dresses. Some of the team went with the carts to their homes while others went to the pastor’s house for coffee. THEN, BAAAAAACK to the truck for our PBJ sandwiches and plastic water bags before heading home to the MH4H campus. The rain held off until we unloaded the truck, then really let loose.

Meanwhile back at the ranch … Twyla made more diaper kits, each consisting of parts for 30 diapers, which will be picked up by two local women who sew them on a treadle sewing machine.

Thursday morning we have clean-up and leave for the Pignon airport at 11:15 am to board the MFI plane for our flight to Florida.

Every trip to Haiti brings new experiences for us, and it’s always good to see our Haitian friends. To know that it is life changing for those who receive the mobility carts makes the efforts of the volunteers who construct the carts all worthwhile. The MH4H staff is so dedicated and supportive of the mobility cart teams, and the cooks, helpers, and drivers are WONDERFUL! We are so thankful for God’s protection over the challenging roads, and thank you all for your prayers.


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