Tracy came to Haiti with the expectation to work hard with the hope of being a blessing to the Many Hands staff. She was correct on both accounts. Many Hands is thankful for Tracy’s willingness to serve for a week in Haiti as well as for her openness to see the intricate parts of our campus life. Keeping reading to share in what Tracy observed.

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An opportunity to minister to those who do ministry for their life. That is how this whole trip started. Irene’s building is painted, inside and out and now the next step in the process can and has begun. It is a sense of accomplishment, and relief, to know that what we came here to do is done. God gave us perfect weather, and the exact amount of strength we needed to get the job finished. I personally painted more straight lines, and stood on a ladder longer, than I ever have in my life. I know the only way that was possible was that it was God, working through me, not in my own strength. 

Tracy with her lines and ladders

As I spent large portions of my day 15 feet or more in the air, I couldn’t help but listen to the activities going on around campus. Whether it be the cooks making meals, the agronomy class working in the garden across campus or the many leaders and pastors that came for meetings, from the top of my ladder I heard one common theme though them all…laughter! 

Agronomy student

At first, laughter from a people group that has next to nothing seemed unique, maybe even out of place. Especially this type of laughter. This isn’t the kind of laugh I give when Tim tells one of his innumerable dumb jokes. No, this laugh is the kind that when you hear, you can’t help but smile or laugh yourself, even though you have no idea what they are laughing about. It’s contagious! So as I watched the cook making lunch under the avocado tree, I couldn’t help but notice how she was laughing with her friends as she worked. 

But here is why it isn’t weird. These people have next to nothing, when it comes to possessions. But many of them on the campus here at MH4H have found Christ, which means they actually have all they need. What’s not to be happy about? If the focus stays on Christ, instead of us, we don’t get caught in the trap of wanting more material things. We want more of Him. 

Perspective is a funny thing. It’s so hard to see things from a different angle than where you are standing. As I spent this last week looking at things from a perspective I have not seen the world in in quite some time, high above the ground, I am thankful for a new perspective. No, I have never been one to focus on material possessions, those aren’t my thing, but I can get caught up in focusing on the so called hardships in life and not have my focus completely on Christ. 

Tim spray painting the kitchen Andre painting the fine lines Kyle being Kyle

I’m very thankful I came on this trip. I was able to meet new friends, interact with a new people group, and have a part in furthering the work of the kingdom of God. Not everyone one of us has to be the person that delivers the message directly to the people, some of us can be the support behind the scenes, and this trip that was my part. When I get home I will have a lot to reflect on. I pray God uses this to bring me ever closer to Him. I would like to think I am open to His leading, unless that means standing on a ladder again anytime soon, that is where I draw the line.



Tracy Harms