The PET team continues to transform the worlds of individuals in Haiti, as they seek out those who would be tremendously blessed with independence. 

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Part of the team went to the market to buy supplies, visit a rum factory, and to the river because it was laundry day. The rest of the team went to San Raphael to deliver 9 PET Carts and distribute clothes. Seeing the smiles on recipients’ faces is our reward for building carts and sewing dresses, diapers, and blankets. There was a lot of commotion because the children and teenagers were anxious to see what the team was doing in their community.

On our way to San Raphael with PET carts Assembly Approved to receive a PET This woman was not independent before today Today brings a new found independence Two people needed to assist this man

A picture of independence The gift of mobility: this young girl had an infection at age 2, and it led to an amputated leg

What a blessing to be able to give the gift of mobility

Late afternoon, we distributed 4 goats, that had been purchased at the market, to 4 qualifying families. One of which was Al and Barb Kopaska’s sponsor child’s family. And to our surprise, the family that our team funded a roof for last year also received a goat. These families have to give the first female kid back to MH4H and that goat goes to another family. This gives a lot of hope to the families.

Praying for the family receiving food Goats given in the name of Jesus. This woman agrees to give the first female back to the program to be gifted on to another family

An adventure later was driving a few miles further and walking across a suspension bridge crossing a river. This was a relaxing end to the day.

God Bless
Harold & Twyla Van Wyk


It was another beautiful day spent here in Haiti. We experienced a full day of worshipping with, giving to, and loving on the people of Haiti. The day started by attending the Agape Church. We were fortunate to catch the Sunday School kids in their classroom where Linda gave an impromptu lesson to them about Zaccheus. The kids seemed to enjoy the song we sang to them even though they didn’t understand us.
The blessings continued as we enjoyed the worship service together. The singing was a joyful and uplifting experience for everyone. We sang along with them as well as we could but mostly just observed the Haitians as they raised their voices to God. We also sang “How Great Thou Art” for them, accompanied by Pepe on his homemade saxophone.

Tom had the opportunity to preach today and with the help of Jean Robert’s translating, he shared the word of God sentence by sentence. He did a great job, too! The highlight of the day came before we left when we were able to give away a PET machine that we brought to church to explain the project to the people. As one man was leaving church today someone noticed that he was limping away. Well, he became the lucky recipient of a new PET right there and then, and was able to roll away with his little brother in tow in the back. It was a beautiful sight to behold!

This young man has been given the gift of mobility Testing to see if this young man would be able to power the PET

Praying for the new PET cart owner

The family going home with the PET after church

After church, we enjoyed a lunch out in the of town of Pignon then came back to the campus to regroup before leaving again to distribute food to needy families. We were able to bless 10 families with food. The smiles and hugs said it all. They were very thankful for what they were given and we were thankful for what we were able to give them. Praise the Lord! Bondye bon! (God is good!)

Denise Dent

Catch up on the PET Teams Day 1 and 2 here.