Day 5 brings members of the PET team to the Citadel while others spend the day with the Thrive kids. 

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Each day is filled with new experiences and ways that God blesses our time in Haiti.  Today we were immersed in the culture by learning about the country’s history and about the people we are living among.

One group stayed at the campus and was involved with the “Thrive For 5” Program.  Moms and children 0-3 years old came for a class and a meal. Al set up the new baby scale that arrived intact.  Barb assisted in the medical clinic with Lerosane, the nurse.  She noticed that the children have less medical issues with improved nutrition. Bert’s highlight was playing with the kids and loving them. 

Barb and Nurse Lerosane working with the new baby scale Al assembled for Thrive

The rest of us traveled the famous and beautiful National Hwy 3 (similar to I35 in Iowa) to the Citadel.  The dramatic story of Haitian independence was told as we explored the “8th Wonder of the World.”  The majestic palace was home to the new King and Queen. The mammoth fort was supplied with cannons and an army to protect a country with a newly found freedom. We realized that their story was not that different from ours with the division between the North and the South.

On our way home we had several P.E.T. sightings and with a “tap, tap”. We stopped and Pete and Harold would do a few minor repairs. We arrived back at the campus at sunset.  After a delicious meal of rice, beans and beef stew, more work was done to prepare diapers for Haitian seamstresses.

Helpers are appreciated In the kitchen Crossroads


Showing our manliness to see if we can lift the cannon ball Beauty Historic A view

Our hope is that we are light and salt in the world,

Bert Van Sant & Linda Groenendyk

Catch up on the PET Teams Day 3 & 4 here.