Day 6 finds the PET team split in a variety of directions, as they serve in multiple ways. 

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Our hearts were filled with love as we headed in many directions today.

One team headed to Guasimal to deliver 3 PET carts and did a follow up on 2 other PETS. The team presented PET cart recipients with some gifts.

Testing the park brake on a new PET cart

The other team headed out to Savanette to visit Pella Christian School. Children at 3 schools in that area were presented with gifts from their sponsors. That team also poured a concrete floor for a family. The family was presented with a goat and gifts of clothing, toys and etc.

It’s hard work mixing concrete by hand! Team work Hard work is a universal language Child of the family that received the concrete floor

We met for lunch at the MH4H Campus and regrouped for the afternoon activities. This afternoon some of us delivered food to 5 families in Santiac. We even hit another rum factory this afternoon.

Sugarcane press for making rum

Another team went to Pignon and held a PET reunion for 11 former recipients during which they tuned up the carts. The “Diaper Factory” (diaper kits, made out of T-shirts, given to local seamstresses to assemble) continues to operate sporadically night and day!!!

Diaper kits

To end the day, some of us visited Dady’s Deaf School/campus. We were very impressed with the young man that started this ministry because of his deaf brother and hundreds of other deaf Haitians.

Everyone is signing “I Love You” at the deaf school.

Our fabulous cooks, Beatrice and Evenie, fixed us a delicious buffet of Haitian cuisine. Another packed day of LOVE in paradise!!!


Marilyn Clauss and Lois Van Heukelom

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