by Jeremy Wetter and Regan Nelson, MH4H trip participants

Sunday morning began by attending a local Haitian church service. During the service, Lucia led a message about how much the Americans need the Haitian people. She explained to the Haitian people that every time that she comes down here on a trip, her world falls apart either the week before or the week after. She explained that the devil doesn’t want us coming down here to serve and love the people of Haiti. As much as they need us to come help them, we also need them to pray for us and for the spiritual hardships we may face surrounding these trips.

This message has been somewhat of a theme for me (Jeremy) on this trip. If I am honest with myself, I was proud of myself for choosing to go to Haiti. I thought that I was going to be one of the American heroes who go to Haiti and do a bunch of good for the people. However, when we arrived in town the first night, we stopped to talk with a group of Haitian people. As I stood on the outside of the group, I could not help but start to think about how I was over my head. I am not generally an outgoing person who can walk up to anybody and start a conversation. I was very uncomfortable and was starting to think that I was not the type of person who belonged on mission trips like this. But just as I started to doubt, God sent the little Haitian children to break me out of my shell. One of the little boys came up to me and asked to be carried. Once he did this, I began to feel like I belonged on this trip and with these people. I was here to help them, but without the Haitians I would not have been able to do that.

Once the message was over, we asked the Haitian people to pray for us and for Josh, a Pella Christian student who has been hospitalized after a motorcycle accident. For me (Regan), it was incredible to see how genuine they were in praying for us. After forming a circle in the small church building, they immediately started praying out loud. The room was filled with whispers, shouts, and songs of prayer for us and for Josh. The sound and sight was almost overwhelming. The same was true for how they worshipped. The pastor would start by saying the first line, and then everyone chimed in. Not just singing, but shouting praises to The Lord.

Day 2The Haitians lifted prayers up for the team and for Josh Fredrickson during church Sunday morning. 

The team enjoyed a game of soccer on the Savanette campus Sunday afternoon. 

After church, we returned to the compound for lunch. After lunch, we enjoyed fellowship, playing card games, and a soccer game. Tomorrow, we are planning on leading bible school at the Pella Christian school here in Savanette. We appreciate your continued prayers and support!

– – –

As Jeremy and Regan mentioned, Josh Fredrickson is a recent graduate from Pella Christian high school. He was recently in a serious accident, and we ask that you join us and his family in praying for full healing for this young man. Please pray for these things specifically:
1.)  God’s guidance as the family selects a rehab facility–right facility and right timing.  Pray for safe travel for Dave as he travels to Chicago and Denver to look at Rehab Inst. of Chicago and Craig.
2.)  Pray against infection.
3.)  Pray, of course, that the spinal cord heals completely.
4.)  Pray for all of us to be open to learning what the Lord wants us to learn from this.
5.)  Pray against skin break down.
6.)  Pray for courage and endurance for Josh
7.)  Pray for God to give Dave strength and rest this week as he travels.

If you would like to keep updated on Josh, head over to his CaringBridge page.

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