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Bonswa!  Another full day in Haiti. Started early with breakfast at 7 and off to pour a concrete floor in Pignon. The family that lives there is a married couple with 7 children that were married on December 29th at the wedding ceremony held by Many Hands. Hard work but worth it for so many reasons. The family treated us by giving us two pumpkins which is FANTASTIC because the cooks here make a wonderful pumpkin cake. 

Covered in concrete dust we headed into Pignon to buy 3 mattresses and a mattress frame to deliver later today. Back to campus for lunch and then off for deliveries of food, mattresses, chairs, and other various blessings we look forward to sharing. Loaded up the truck and away we went! 
We visited with families that many of the people with us have known for years. They have watched them grow in their independence and in their faith in Jesus. When we deliver food to families it is definitely more than just dropping off food and walking away. There is conversation about what is happening in their family, in their home, and what their prayers are for. Then we hold hands in a circle often joined by children that have followed us and neighbors that have joined us for prayer. Prayers are said in both Creole and in English. Today at one of our visits an older lady was sitting in her chair and sharing with us. Ellen asked if she wanted shoes or socks and she answered that socks for when it is cold at night would be good. Ellen took off her shoes and gave her socks to the women. This is one of the many many incredible things that happen during these visit. We blow bubbles, pass out stickers, t-shirts, pillow case dresses. We are so blessed.

God is Good All the Time!

Written by Laura


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