“The Way” team is at it again as the team delves deeper into the IMPACT experience! This time the group explored caves, waterfalls, and export industries to learn more about the nation’s history. They finished strong by working side-by-side with a construction crew to pour a blessing that will stand as a testimony of God’s love to one special family. Continue reading to see what the “Crazy WAYzies” did!

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Monday was the education day for us here at MH4H. We talked about the culture and water consumption and carried 5 gallon buckets of water around the prayer path to get a feel for what it is like to have to carry it about 1/4 mile, because the Haitians have to carry their water from the local well. Next came our Creole lesson. Lucia taught us a song in Creole that helped us put together some new words and phrases in ways that we can remember, which has been very helpful when we attempt to communicate in the community. Jezi Renmen Timoun Tankou Mwen (Jesus love the little children like me). We were then able to sing it with the 3 and 5 year old children at recess and we played out in the playground with them. They all wanted to be held, touch your hair, and look in your sunglasses. We played “Ring Around the Rosy”, and ran from tree to tree.

Later in the afternoon we went on a walk to tour the “Rum Factory” which was a distillery where they use sugar cane to produce alcohol. It is mixed in a large open vat then hand fed into a pipe where it then cooks it over a large wood oven and is distilled down from there. (No one sampled the 70 proof product.)

Tuesday morning we took six trees from the MH4H agronomy center greenhouse (two Avocado, two Papaya, two Marengo, and a Coconut tree). A MH4H agronomist went with us to the house and showed us where he wanted the trees planted and how much of his compost he wanted used in each hole. In the afternoon, we took a trip to Basin Zim, which is a cave and waterfall. One cave was a hideout back during the war and folklore says there is a tunnel that will take you to the Dominican Republic. There were also some Taino native markings in the cave. We had five local guides that jumped on the back of our Tap Tap and then some others were selected to take us up the hike to the cave.

Today (Wednesday) we went back to the house where we planted the trees and put a concrete floor into their home. There were two (10×10) rooms and a hallway. The floor was layered with rock and dirt which we hauled into the home by us creating a bucket brigade. The experienced Haitian team mixed the concrete outside on the ground by hand, and we were amazed that they knew when it was ready by looking for a certain consistency.

The crazy WAYzies will be headed out tomorrow morning!

Bonus Picture – The team had a night to pamper themselves with hair braiding and pedicures!

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