The Way team has taken full advantage of all the opportunities to start forming friendships as they go about their activities. This group is open to learning and ask many wonderful questions about Haitian culture. What a blessing they are on this IMPACT experience!

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Today the mountain was very huge! We got up early on Saturday to go up the mountain with our guides. We encountered people and animals on the way up and on the way down. We had some time to interact and build relationships with our team, but also with our Haitian guides. The opportunities we have had to interact and build these relationships with each other and with Haitians have made our experience here rich. All at once everything is simplified yet profound. We are learning so much from the culture and from each other.

Sunday there was passion at our church service at Agape Church, although we couldn’t understand, we could see that through the Pastor and the woman who was our worship leader and introduced special music. I Surrender All and Because He Lives were familiar tunes. When we arrived we were able to go into their Sunday school room and hear the children learn some scripture by rote. We really felt the truth of the verse: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I will be there” (Matthew 18:20).
We went to Sunday dinner at a restaurant in Pignon proper. They had a meal prepared for us which we ate buffet style and had some time to fellowship with the MH4H staff. In the afternoon we made food deliveries to six different families that were identified by community leaders as the most in need. We used the denim bags made by Pella Christian students and filled them with food supplies we purchased at the market on Thursday, plus some girls clothes, toy cars, soccer ball. It was a blessing for us to be able to share with these families, but the real blessing was to be able to pray with them. We were definitely out of our comfort zones, but God was present.
One song from our worship time has meant a lot to us through the trip so far. “Break Our Hearts” is the name of the song, and one of the verses says it well:

Its time to move outside our comfort zone
To see beyond our churches and our homes
To change the way we think and how we spend
Until we look like Jesus again

This is our prayer and our goal for the rest of the trip and beyond.


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