by Beth and Dave Van Maanen, trip participants with MH4H 

Hello from Pignon! We ate pumpkin soup for breakfast at seven this morning. This was something most of us had never had, but it was delicious! After breakfast, we watched a video in the series called “A Hole in the Gospel” and then sang praise and worship songs. Next, we walked to a local church and worshiped with a congregation that Zeke’s wife Bebe attends. Worshiping the one true God with people in Haiti was a wonderful experience.  We couldn’t understand the preaching, but we could sing along with the familiar tunes of Noel, The Church’s One Foundation, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Blest be the Tie that Binds, and Beautiful Savior.

This afternoon, we decided to make the trek up Mt. Pignon. This was a heart-pounding experience!  Woodson and Fransley, two teenage boys, helped us find our way to the top and really enjoyed hanging out with our one teenage team member, Taylor. We enjoyed the scenery and the view from the top of the mountain, but we were all in need of a cold shower when we reached the bottom.

This evening, Lucia and Tim set up the equipment outside the compound so that we could watch the movie “Like Mike.”  Several children and even some adults came over to watch with us. Each night, we usually go around the group and find out what everyone’s high and low of the day was.  This is a great time of processing all of the things we see and do during the day. We have become closer as a group through all of the experiences we have had.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We have definitely felt them!

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