This is written by  Nolan Brand, 11 years old and currently in Pignon, Haiti with his family. (Steve & Robin, Kaleb (11), Nolan (11) and Kameron(8). Grandpa and Grandma  are there as well (Bev & Denny Brand)) This is Nolan’s first time traveling outside of the USA.

Why We Go – Written by Steve Brand
Day 1 – Written by Kaleb Brand
Day 2 – Written by Summer Brand
Day 3 – Written by Kameron Brand

Today was our fourth day in Haiti.  We woke up today and Grandma made pancakes and eggs.  We have been eating a lot of eggs, because our helper misunderstood Grandma.  When grandma asked for two dozen eggs, she thought she wanted two trays of eggs.  This was actually 24 eggs in each tray.  After we ate breakfast, we went to the Iowa house here in the compound.  We got two boxes of Bibles to pass out to the kids at the St. Collete school.

On the way to the school, we met our friend Dawesly on the streets.  He had tried to sell us a necklace yesterday, but we had no money with us at that time.  Somehow, he found us today.  He had our necklaces made and our names on them.  They are cool.

Nolan passing out the Book of John Creole Bible.

Nolan passing out the Book of John Creole Bible.

When we arrived at the school, the kids were outside at recess.  They had just taken their first exam of the day.  We meet the principal in his office to explain what we were doing at his school.  He honored us by placing chairs in front of the school for all of us to sit on.  Then, he took us to the classrooms.  We passed our Bibles to every student in the school and their teachers.  It seemed like most of the kids were excited to get their Bibles.  They were all in uniform and sitting 2-3 people at each desk.  There was only one chalkboard in each room.  It didn’t seem to bother them that this is all they have to learn.  It must be because they don’t know any different.

Hot lunch at St. Collette’s School.

We went around the building to see the “cafeteria”.  It was inside a very small room made of cement.  The cooks were cooking beans and rice over a fire with charcoal.  They also made sauce to go on top.  They asked us if we wanted to stay for lunch.  Grandpa said that if we ate their food, we would probably have instant diarrhea because our bodies are not use to their food. So we politely passed on that offer!

Next, it was off to Pella Christian school to check on some kids that were being sponsored.  On the way, there were about ten or so kids that came running up to the back of our truck.  Then, as fast as Usain Bolt, they jumped in the back!  So, our driver, Cliff, stopped and Ebens told them politely to get off the back of our truck.

Bebe making paper bead jewelry.

This afternoon we went to a lady’s homemade house.  She sells Haitian stuff.   We bought a few things when we were there.  I got a cool Haitian bracelet to wear.  After that, we went to Bebe’s house.  She showed us how to make beads out of paper that go on necklaces and bracelets.  We also saw earrings made out of coconuts.  Then, we walked to the springs to see where some of our friends go to wash their clothes and bathe.  I would prefer a shower over going to the springs.  Although, the spring looked like it was pretty clean water for the most part.

Street volleyball

One of the best parts of the day, was going to Zeke’s house.  He had a basketball hoop that he had gotten from an old park down the street and a semi-flat basketball.  Kaleb, Fronsley, Woodson, and I played 2-on-2 for a long time.  People came from all over to watch.  They even got a volleyball net up for Summer, mom and some other guys to play on.  Every time a moped, donkey, truck, bike, or motorcycle came by, we ran out of the road and held up the volleyball net.  I am tired, but it was a blast!

Steet ball – literally!

Haiti has been a great adventure for my family and I.  It has taught me that not everyone in the world lives the same.  I realize now how blessed I am to have such a great family, a roof over my head, food to eat and water to drink.

From Nolan

PS- I have been boiling water everyday to use for drinking and sanitizing our dishes. (Grandma O – you would be proud – Grandma B says I’m the BEST Water Boy.)