This blog is written by Pastor David Burling of Neveda Memorial Lutheran, Carl Link of Nevada Memorial Lutheran, and Rick Nikkel of Federated Fellowship and Board Member of Many Hands for Haiti.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Just some thoughts about the day…the group split up today to accomplish different tasks.  I had an interest in going back to the hospital after visiting earlier in the week.  This time the hallways and the antique wrought iron beds that line the rooms were filling up fast.  I noticed that there were many young mothers with their babies.  The children were crying and there was no consoling them.  Without knowing the language I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I went from bed to bed and said, “I am a pastor may I pray?”  They understood the word “pastor” and shook their head yes.  I prayed for the healing spirit of God to come and be present in the midst of their suffering.  I prayed that the understaffed nurses and doctors would be thorough yet expedient in their treatment.  I prayed that Jesus might touch the lives of these beautiful people.  It was difficult to watch the condition of healthcare in Haiti.  Obviously, the availability of staff and medicine is limited.  The sanitary conditions simply don’t exist; and the suffering of God’s people goes on.   But it isn’t just the suffering that we share in common.  The hope that prayer brings to people’s lives is no different – no matter what language it is spoken in.   So we pray.  And hope.  And bring healing in so many ways to people’s lives. 

God is good.  Pastor David.

Greetings from Haiti !

Work on the trusses continues. Hopefully Woodson, age seventeen, and Fransly, age eighteen, will be able to build solo after tomorrow. I see a lot of hope for this community. I feel like when the new road comes through here next year, this area will become a hub of activity. And hopefully anyone who needs a job will be able to find one. Creole, as spoken by Haitians, is very melodic. And almost sounds like a song. Twelve Haitians in a Toyota, plus one white guy, sounds like an orchestra.

God is good. Carl Link.

Bonjou from Pignon

It has been a huge blessing serving with the group from Memorial Lutheran Church in Nevada. They truly came to Haiti with servant –hearts. To work, pray,and and just mingle with the Haitian people. Thank  you so much Pastor Dave, Kathy, Becky, and last but not least CARL. As for me, these last couple of months has been a challenge and honestly, I came to Pignon with mixed emotions.  The trip up here was long, but the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. We were greeted by 6 young men who work with MH4H and have truly been a joy to work with. Last night, Pastor Dave lead a discussion from Phil 2: 4-8. How refreshing it was to have 13 people, both American and Haitian, sitting in a circle, discussing being humble, Christ-like servants. In helping our fellow Haitian people. Visiting the deaf school, praying at the hospital and feeding the mentally challenged were highlights of my trip. Although this is out my comfort zone, it has truly help me draw closer to our Lord. Also, I have again been reminded how truly blessed we are and how important it is share these with the Haitian people. What a joy it has been to be a part of this entire group this week!

Rick Nikkel