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Day 1 – Getting started
Day 2 – Playing and serving
Day 3 – The Citadel

Written by Hannah Marcum

Blessings to our family and friends at home!

The workers at Sylvain are preparing the land to plant many crops.

Our day in Haiti started with some work at MH4H’s new land in the nearby community of Sylvain.  A team of Haitians has been working there daily, tilling the land by hand for gardening.  We helped by making water barriers (terraces, for you farming folks) out of sticks, and gathering extra sticks for them to make more in the future.  That was where we spotted our first tarantula – and second, and third, and fourth!!!!  The first two were about tennis ball size, and the second two were smaller.  During that time, we also plotted the coordinates of the houses in Sylvain that we mapped out our first day here.  That will help with the community building MH4H plans for the future in Sylvain.

After a light lunch of lembas bread and a rest for our eleven pairs of eyes, we headed out to the UCCC university at UCI.  The college is home to about 250 students of medicine, theology, etc., and about as many elementary school kids.  It has expanded greatly in the past few years and was very impressive to tour.

The college at UCI.

The last thing we did today was food distribution in Pignon.  We visited five homes, giving rice, beans, pasta, bullion, and oil, as well as praying for the families.  One was a family taking care of a girl about our age with a mental disability.  In another, one daughter could not use her legs and transported herself everywhere on her knees.  Others were single, elderly people with no one to take care of them.

Delivering food to Krisianna Noel, an elderly lady in the community. Delivering food to Zaly’s house, a mentally disabled woman. Inside this house, the team noticed the tin roof needed some work. Especially during rainy season, this would cause a lot of problems.

Now it is raining again, which always a blessing in Haiti.  God is very near!  Thank you all again for your prayers, and know that we are praying for you as well.  Bondye beni ou (God bless you)!

Melanie and Hannah  snap a picture with the many, many children of Haiti.

Melanie and Hannah snap a picture with the many, many children of Haiti.

Yes, this is a road and yes, we drove through this. There is beauty in Haiti, as this flower shows.