This is written by Calise Gritters and Riley Stursma. Both are part of the Calvary Christian Youth Team currently serving in Pignon, Haiti.

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From my perspective, today was one of the more meaningful days in Pignon. My day started at 4:30 AM, when I got up to catch a look at the stars before sunrise. Even though I lost a few extra hours of sleep, seeing the stars in Haiti was worth it. I’ve never seen stars actually twinkle, and this morning, I was lucky enough to see shooting stars, too!

The first thing we did today was visit the deaf school and orphanage. We delivered food and supplies to the nannies who take care of the children, and played with the kids. Even though it was hard at times to communicate, we still had a lot of fun playing with them. My favorite memory of the deaf school was when the teacher asked one of the older boys to lead the other children in “singing.” At first, I expected off-key children’s music, and was suprised when they stood in silence, and motioned a song through sign-language. For a few minutes, the room remained silent as the children all sang to God using their hands instead of their voices. It was one of the most beautiful things to witness.

After leaving the deaf school, we visited a few families who receive health care thanks to families in America who sponser them. They all lived in two-room houses, which were home to 10-15 people. Many of the children we meet didn’t even attend school, because their families could not afford to pay for a school uniform. We gave them clothes and prayed over them, praying that they would be blessings to their neighbors, and their entire community.

In the afternoon, we made the trip to the Pella Christian school, in Bau Sauvenette. I loved meeting a few of our sponser children, and getting to play games with them. For the short time we were there, we played parachute games, painted nails, sang songs, and told Bible stories. For me personally, I loved getting to see the school again, since I helped paint the school in March of 2012. I still can’t believe that the school has completed its first year of school, already!

This evening, we went to the hospital to  “preya” with patients, again. In the hospital, my family and Fransly prayed with a man who had lost one of his legs. My parents had prayed for him a few days before, and had really wanted to pray with him again. The man and Cindy sort of had an emotional connection, as my mom has a brother who also lost his leg in an accident. After praying over him, Fransly translated for us, so that we could talk to him and inquire about his injuries. What struck me about this man was how joyful he was, despite his suffering. Although he was lying in an unconditioned hospital hallway in the middle of a Haiti summer, without a leg, he still smiled and remained optimistic.

In conclusion,  I ask you to keep John Robierre in your prayers, as he works with his community. Pray for the students of Pella Christian in Haiti, and many of them may miss meals since school is out of session. Finally, please pray for the MH4H leaders down here in Haiti, as they continue to make a difference in their community and change Pignon and Haiti for the better.

-Calise Gritters

Today was a day packed full of fun and exciting activities. We started off the day by going to a deaf school with john robert. We blew bubbles, threw around frisbee’s and just had an awesome time loving on all the children that were there. After that we went to three different people’s houses and gave them clothes and prayed for them. It is quite mind blowing seeing these three small houses with ten people or more living in them. Then in the afternoon we went to the Pella Christian School in Bau Sauvenette. There we meet different people’s sponsor kids and we sang songs and just hung out with the kids. After we left, we went to see a spring that many people go to, to shower and bathe. It’s a unque spot because in the middle of this hot, dry, and humid place there is still a spot where God provides a spot for some clean water. When we got back to our compound we ate and then went to sing and pray over patients at the hospital. When we asked to pray for each patient, there was never any hesitation to let us pray over them. The rest of the night was a time of dancing and playing basketball and just relaxing and getting ready for our big day tomorrow when we climb Mount Pignon!!

-Riley Stursma