This is written by Allie Groenenboom. Both are part of the Calvary Christian Youth Team currently serving in Pignon, Haiti.

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As we finished our daily singing tonight, I reminisced over the day… And over the amazing week that I’ve spent in Haiti. This morning my heart was touched when I was able to witness the children’s feeding program that a nearby orphange puts on regularly. The workers there keep track of the weights of each child that comes in regularly, and they provide the family with food according to the child’s recorded weights. One baby was so malnourished that her little eyes would not even open completely, and she would just look around the room aimlessly because of how sick she was. Another woman who came in today has a child that lives at the orphange. He’s just a little peanut, and his mom is about as tiny as he is. She weighs 74 pounds… And is five or six months along in her pregnancy.

After leaving the orphange, we came back to the compound to look check out the “street shop” in which the women living nearby sold their souvenier-type goods to us. They all wanted our attention and were all very insistent that we buy something from them. We then ate lunch, took little siestas, and went to work at the new MH4H compound. Our afternoon consisted of shoveling dirt, filling in holes around where the septic will be, and taking numerous water breaks with the little kiddos that came to watch us work.

This week has truly been a blessing, and if we could just have all of our American food shipped here… I think we would all stay.

Allie Groenenboom