This is written by Colt Freese, a member of the ISU trip of 6. He is serving in Gonaives, Haiti this week. This is his first time in Haiti and serving with MH4H.

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A view of Gonaives from on top of the mountain.

A view of Gonaives from on top of the mountain.

Bonswa,  today was a very busy but fun day for us.  This day started off pretty early for us.  We woke up before the sun at 5:30 to make it on our excursion for the morning of climbing the mountain just behind our house.  This was a great excitement for me because being from Iowa I’ve never experienced anything close to a mountain.  Our guide was our guard from the night, Laza.  Although there was a language barrier between us that didn’t diminish from the experience and we got to see sun rise over the mountain on the town. 

A stop at the local meat market near the school.

On the walk down, we went through a very beautiful and busy part of town where Allison got the honor of seeing a goat being prepared for breakfast.  I unfortunately missed the initial swing but saw the aftermath accompanied with Allison’s shriek.  After we got back we went to our first Haitian church service.   I can honestly say the only downside is that I don’t speak Kreyol so I could not understand but otherwise the singing and dancing was a very fun time. 

This is the house where Woody grew up in the village of La Croix.

After church and lunch we went to the village of Silentor and Woodies where much of his family lives.  There we saw a field, well, and many animals.  We also met many friendly people there.  That afternoon we went back to the school where we got to have a bible lesson and talk with some students who were around our age.  This was a very fun experience where we got to see the many similarities and shared desires of our Haitian brothers and sisters.  We finished off with a soccer game and a dinner of delicious chicken when we got home. All in all another great day in Haiti, Pita!