Eagle Scout Project Completed: Over the New Year’s break, 15-year-old Nathanael Shoemaker lead of trip of 8 to Haiti, as for his Eagle Scout project, he wanted to feed 100 families, put in 2 cement floors, and give backpacks to 100 school kids. Well, Nathanael accomplished that and so much more! Tonight (January 12, 2015), KCCI – News Channel 8 will be doing a feature on Nathanael on the 6:00 PM news cast.

On the last night in Haiti, Nathanael wrote this blog.

“Well I am lost for words.  This was such a life changing experience even for the second time being in Haiti.  Just taking all these people to see and know about the need in Haiti was a goal for me.  We had a wonderful time with a lot of wonderful people.  We had such a busy week I even apologized  to my team for running them into the ground all the time.  I promised them, if they ever go on another mission trip, it won’t be this much work. We had so much to do for my Eagle Project though!  Everyone was so willing to help all the time.  ( well most of the time anyway  )   

Craig and Christi did such a great job letting me lead my team!  They even let me buy a Natcom phone.  This was one of my scores for the week. Thanks Craig!  They completely made my week.  I had never before met them and didn’t know what to expect, but if I had had  any expectations, they would have completely surpassed all of them!!  I can’t thank them enough!  

Many Hands for Haiti is also so organized and ready for anything!  The staff in Haiti is awesome and they live by such a faith that is hard to find in the U.S.  Mr. Brand took a fifteen year old kid and trusted me with a ginormous  task.  I never once got the sense that  he was doubting me. Thanks so much Mr.Brand!   I truly could not have picked a better Eagle Project or non profit to go with.  Trust me, nothing I did made this successful and I give full glory to God!  I was only a tool in his tool box.  

My Eagle project may have been great, but the needs are so much greater.  We touched hundreds of lives and yet did not make a dent in the town we were in!  There is so much work to be done and Many Hands for Haiti is doing a great job.  My final Eagle project was 3 concrete floors,  We gave away 111 fifty-five pound bags of rice( over 3 tons), 30 bags of 55 pounds of beans, 600 spaghetti packages, 150 tomato pastes, 150 gallons of cooking oil, 6,000 bouillon cubes, and 110 backpacks with school supplies in them.  We even had extra money to crepe two homes!   (this means to give them concrete walls)  Wow the need is great, but our God is so much greater! Thank You to everyone who has invested any time into my life, especially my parents, Craig and Christi, and of course, Mr.Brand.  Thank you all so much for your time and help.  God bless you all!!”

Nathanael Shoemaker

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