Hi my name is Zach! I am 11 years old and I am in Haiti to do my brother’s Eagle Scout Project. I am writing a blog for the team today. My experience today was awesome! We gave out 150 bags of rice out. Jean Robert and Lumanes Augustin compiled a list of people in Lapila and Lagone that would receive rice, beans, bouillon, pasta, tomato paste, and oil.  Each person also received an evangelism bracelet and a Creole New Testament.  The morning began with a few songs of praise to God, some encouraging words given to the people by Lumanes.  Throughout the distribution, Nathaniel noticed how so many of the people opened the bible as soon as it was placed in their hands.  God’s Word went out into the countryside today!!!

Nathanael praying with the families before they received their food. Those waiting for their bag of food. Each family received beans, rice, pasta, pasta, bouillon, tomato paste, gallon of oil, bag, evangelism bracelet and New Testament Bible in Creole.
At the distribution.

At the distribution.

We also got to buy stuff from the market. Well, not the real market but some ladies came to our compound and set out blankets with cool stuff on them. I got a machete that is made out of wood that says Haiti on it. I have enjoyed learning some of the language but tonight we walked in the town where lots of kids followed us and I had a hard time because I didn’t know enough of their language to communicate well. But it was still fun and I look forward to learning more!

New Years day is an important Haitian holiday.  It is the day they celebrate the nations Independence.   The cooks that are working this week were given the option of having the day off to celebrate but they insisted they wanted to work.  They made a holiday feast for the evening meal.  It was VERY good food…Bon Manje!  The team ‘swarmed’ kitchen to say ‘mesi anpil’, Thank you very much!  We think they are the best! ‘Pi bon!’

I’m also really looking forward toward climbing the mountain tomorrow morning! We have to get up at 4:30 so I need to go to bed now! Bon Nwit!

We are very grateful for our cooks, as Tim lets the cooks know the food was “Bon Manje!” (Good Eating) Veronique celebrating the holiday with Beatrice, a favorite of many past MH4H trip members.