Haiti’s education rate is the worst in the western hemisphere. The cycles of poverty have held Haitians back. 60% of Haitians are illiterate and the average Haitian, age 25 years or older, has less than five years of schooling (USAID). An under-resourced education system, lack of skilled teachers, financial insecurity, and chronic malnutrition, which stunt children’s physical and cognitive development, have all contributed to this significant issue.

40% of children in Haiti do not attend primary school. (UNICEF)

Nearly 50% of students finishing second grade could not read (USAID)

Only 1 out of 3 children will finish 6th grade (UNICEF)

What We Do

Educating the next generation can break the cycle of poverty. Through our programs, we focus on a holistic approach to education. First, we support families’ physical and financial needs, preventing future roadblocks to education and dramatically increasing the chances of a child completing their education. Then we create world-class learning environments in the classroom with fully-trained and equipped teachers. By intentionally investing in these areas, we bring long-term sustainable change to a community.

School of Light Preschool Program

The Yellow Iron School of Light Preschool focuses on the child’s cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual development. Students have access to learning tools found in few other classrooms in Haiti.

Yellow Iron School of Light seeks to prepare children for the next level of primary education, providing the foundation for lifelong success. We offer students a culturally sensitive curriculum taught by Haitian teachers. We maintain a teacher-student ratio of 10:1 to ensure no child gets left behind.

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Fundamental School Program

The Sylvain Christian Fundamental School focuses on grades 1 through 9. The aim is to produce graduates who are educated, trained and prepared to become successful leaders for themselves, their families, their community, and their country. We believe Haitians deserve a world-class education. By investing in education, we invest in the future of Haiti.

Students at the school have access to the latest curriculum and teaching methods. Teachers undergo yearly training through accredited organizations, keeping up-to-date with current teaching methods. Students track more than a year ahead of other Haitian schools.

One 8ighty for Haiti Scholarships

Many in Haiti cannot afford their children’s most basic tuition fees. Our 180 for Haiti scholarships remove the obstacles preventing children from attending school. First, we meet children’s financial needs, covering the cost of their education. Second, we meet the physical demands of children by providing them with daily meals, increasing their capacity to learn.

Through this program, we intentionally work alongside local schools to improve Haiti’s education level. Investing in teachers and students and supporting local schools, we help secure education for future generations.

A mother and daughter pose for a picture

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