Medical Assistance

Transforming the marginalized by providing access to health care.

Medical Assistance

Transforming the marginalized by providing access to health care.


We work with the marginalized in Haiti: children, handicapped, and kids with special needs. These groups of people are overlooked by typical society and many are treated poorly, with no chance of a future. We change the direction of these lives, by giving them access to health care and showing them love and dignity. 


Partnering with Mobility Worldwide in Iowa, we distribute P.E.T. (Personal Energy Transportation) carts to give mobility to the lame.

Health care access

Using local nurses, we provide health care access for our sponsor children and assist many in the community with varying levels of health issues.

P.E.T. Cart Distribution

Bringing isolated people mobility and hope.

Partnering with Mobility Worldwide in Leighton, IA, we distribute P.E.T. (Personal Energy Transportation) Carts to give mobility to the lame. These hand-cranked devices are built to withstand the difficult dirt roads in Haiti. P.E.T.s bring these once isolated people some independence and allow them to become more active members of their communities.


Using local ministries and churches, we find and identify potential candidates. First, we test them to see if they have the strength and capability to use a P.E.T Cart. Once they pass, they are then given a donated P.E.T. Cart, free of charge. We teach recipients to use their P.E.T. and some basic education on ways to care for it.

We have distributed and continue to maintain 250 carts throughout Northern Haiti, with another 140 more being distributed in 2018, giving life-transforming mobility to those that can’t walk. MH4H employs Haitian staff who visit P.E.T. recipients, providing maintenance for their carts.


Since distributing P.E.T. Carts, we have seen amazing changes in individuals and communities. In 2016, 20 P.E.T. recipients in Hinche decided to form a Disability Support Group. After receiving their P.E.T.s, they were able to get out of their houses. They realized they weren’t alone in their struggles and needed to support and encourage each other. This group has provided a voice for once ostracized people, and provides a safe place for others to come into community.

Often, the benefits of a P.E.T. Cart go beyond the recipient, with family members who care for their disabled relatives now free to work or go to school. Khaki, a young boy in Pignon who received a P.E.T. Cart, was carried everywhere by his mother. A .P.E.T. meant that he was able to take himself to school, giving his mother more time to work.

Medical Check-Ups

Providing access to health care for those in need.


Many in Haiti have no access to trained doctors, medicine, or medical equipment. Even if they do, they simply cannot afford the most basic of care. This forces many to try outdated medical methods or even voodoo practices to help treat the most basic of health issues. This leads to a cyclic range of problems that can cause more harm than good.

A combination of malnutrition, poor housing, a lack of basic health education, and little to no access to health care creates an environment where simple to treat sickness can because a life-threatening medical emergency.


Through our programs, we utilize local qualified nurses to provide basic medical assistance. This includes check-ups, prescriptions and immunizations. Also, using local leaders, we find those in desperate need and intentionally walk alongside them. We identify the cause of their medical issues, find the best solutions to treat them, and then look to educate patients in preventative measures to reduce the risks of further problems.


Donate and provide a P.E.T. Cart or cover the cost of medicine for someone in need.

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