Everyone has a story and Haiti has some of the most incredible testimonies of faith. The following are just some of these stories.
HaitiansTrip Participants

Once Many Hands came, they were like water that never stopped flowing. Everyone in Sylvain benefitted.

Elvéus, local farmer

Kerlin – A Boy’s Transformation

When MH4H staff first met Kerlin, he was only 34.5” tall and 29 pounds. Based on his size, they estimated he was only three years old. He was, in fact, five. Kerlin’s transformation is an amazing testament to the work we are doing through our Education programs, and how our programs completely change lives.

Khaki – The Boy Who Could Not Walk

Khaki first came to our attention when a visiting team found him being carried by his mother everywhere. An early childhood disease caused him to loose proper function of his legs. We were able to get him a P.E.T. (Personal Energy Transport) Cart, changing his life, and his mother’s in the process.

Eldi – Empowering Female Leadership

In a culture of male leadership, Edlin stands out as someone breaking Haitian molds. Eldi works at a local school and in her local village.  After attending our Servant-Hearted Leadership Conference, she has been empowered to stand as a leader for her community to help foster change.

Team Member Testimonies

The impact of serving effects not just those we serve in Haiti, but those called to serve


Wowie, was this a week! From hitting the ground running with the “Learn and Earn” rewards room for the moms in our Mil Jou program to the end of the second lactation conference, nothing was outside of God’s plan for our educational week, and that is humbling to think about. It also humbles me to think about how MH4H does missions and how they first seek to learn before teaching or even helping the community in Haiti. I love that we were able to interview a nearby missionary working with malnourished infants, the midwives, and the executive leader at a midwives school in Hinche. We first learned what mothers in Haiti struggle with and then began to create our agenda for the conferences as to how we could educate them in nutrition for themselves and their babies. The goal at the end of each day was to prepare these Haitian ladies to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We did it by developing an understanding and equipping them as to how they can best serve their image-bearing children.


The whole week has been nothing short of amazing, from the beauty of the land and its people to the work we were able to witness being done by this ministry!  One of the things that really impacted me was while doing home visits, we were privileged to stop at a home that had been built by MH4H. The pride this young mother took in her home and the care she was taking of it, was beautiful to see. It especially hit home while watching the story of Leronie (you can watch it here). This young mother could have been the woman in the video. The hope she was able to experience because of the help she has received was a testimony to the impact MH4H has in this place which can be a very hard, bleak life for many.


It’s hard to write just 2 sentences about what I learned and loved about Haiti, so I didn’t. There were just so many special things. First of all, what an impact MH4H is having on so many people. The love they have for the Haitians and everyone and then the respect the people have for them brought tears to my eyes often. God is blessing their work without a doubt. I also loved the 2nd breastfeeding conference we held. The ladies seemed to really be interested in learning and one even took notes. The other thing I loved was the sweet Haitian people we met. From a sweet young man named Watson who helped me down the mountain after I fell, to the wonderful cooks at the campus, to the enthusiastic fun staff at MH4H. All are precious in God’s sight and we are all family in Christ. What a wonderful week. Definitely life-changing. Thank you Craig, Christi, Micah, Liz, and our wonderful team for an unforgettable week.