In the midst of poverty and turmoil, Haiti can seem like a hopeless place. But despite the hardship, there is hope. One such story is that of Adeline and her family, who recently received a new home build from Many Hands, bringing her dream to life.

Adeline and her husband Odanes live in Twa Poto, a small community in Haiti. They have a daughter and a baby who is part of our First 1,000 Days program. Before the new home build, they lived in a small, unsafe home. But, as Adeline shared with the team, she had a dream where God showed her that he had a plan to provide a “safe” home for her family to live in. She had even shared this dream with her pastor, who encouraged her to take it as a sign of God’s plan for her future.

Before the completion of the new house, Adeline and her baby were sitting inside the old house with sacks of cement all around them. Jean Rene, the project boss, looked over the progress of the day. 

Just one week later, the team returned to find Adeline inside the new house, happily cleaning away with a bucket of water, a mop, and a broom. She was overjoyed and grateful to be in her new home!

our hearts were filled with joy and contentment, knowing that Adeline’s family was safe in their new home and sheltered from the storm.

The team gathered the whole family, as well as the project boss and workers, to sing a song and read Psalm 91 before closing with a prayer. Adeline and her family had a new place to call home, one that was safe and secure. It was the support of generous donors that made this possible.

Christi Gabhart, U.S. Lead of Ministry and Benevolence, shares about the experience, “Amidst the sound of thunder rumbling, we prayed for safety over the newly completed house while the storm loomed in the sky. Suddenly, the rain began to pour, and we knew Twa Poto was not a place to be during a storm. The road quickly turned slippery, causing us to become stuck in the mud multiple times. Despite the challenging conditions, our hearts were filled with joy and contentment, knowing that Adeline and her family were safe in their new home and sheltered from the storm. The struggle was worth it to ensure that they had a dry place to call their own.”

It’s hard to overstate the importance of safe shelter, especially in a place as turbulent as Haiti. These new houses make a huge impact on the lives of those who receive them. Not only do they provide protection from the elements, but they offer safety and security that can be invaluable in challenging living situations.

Adeline’s story is a testament to the power of hope and the impact that a new home build can have in the lives of those who receive it. Many Hands and our donors make a real difference by providing safe and secure homes to those who need them most. By contributing to this valuable cause, donors can help families like Adeline’s live in a safe and healthy environment, and give them a brighter future. With each new house built, the hope for a better Haiti is brought closer to reality.

haitian FAMILIES.