The Bright Horizons Child Care team have arrived in Haiti to help with the opening of our new preschool. They have hit the ground running as they explore the campus and Pignon. 

Hello friends and family!

We have made it safely to Pignon, Haiti! Our first day was filled with many eye opening experiences already! We flew into Port-Au-Prince where we got a five passenger Cessna over the mountains to Pignon. Once we arrived, we rode in the back of a three wheeler to the Many Hands for Haiti campus.


Upon arrival we settled into the guest house and had lunch. We then met all of the staff and participated in home visits. The home visit was full of eye opening moments. There was a 16 month old with pneumonia. We prayed for him and his family and Many Hands for Haiti supplied him with food from “Meals from the Heartland” and formula to boost his immune system and assist the medication on the path to recovery. It was heartbreaking seeing such a young child so sick, but promising with an action plan in play to help.

After the home visit, we had our mid- week worship service. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the families we will be working with. Anyone that wanted to had a chance to go up and pray or sing a song. Many of the children knew the songs and were actively participating. Following the service, we looked in the classroom and were able to explore the place that will soon be filled with toys, learning tools, and smiling eager families and teachers.

We had a lovely dinner with all of the house mates where we shared stories and talked about our future plans over the next week. We went over the week itinerary and brainstormed some ideas. We are so excited for the week to come and to be able to put our ideas into actions!
God bless!

Sarah, Tia, Mary, & Bev