The team from Celebrate Church has pushed its physical and emotional boundaries as they serve with all their hearts. As they share and receive God’s goodness with others, the group has realized a beautiful truth – it is a blessing to share. 

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Greetings from Haiti, this blog brought to you by Vanessa Szlachetka and Judd Nelson. Well today was a lot less stressful than yesterday. The hydroponic team arrived safely last night from Port Au Prince. The Celebrate team was hard at work today. We divided into 2 teams and switched rolls from Friday. One team delivered food and the other poured concrete. 

Judd’s team poured concrete in a very small house that 3 people live in. It was maybe 12’x12’. We had a chance to meet the family and the Haitian crew we were working with and then spent a few minutes praying together. Mixing concrete in Haiti can be very challenging. No mixers or other tools we are accustomed to. We mixed it right on the ground and created a bucket brigade. We were able to get done fairly quickly but had to wait for a ride to come get us. This gave us a great chance to talk with the family and our Haitian team. We attempted to translate words from English to Spanish to Creole. It was pretty funny to see us all stumble over our words. And of course Cassidy and Caroline found babies to hold and love on. The man that lived at the house worked very hard to keep the water barrel full. They were so excited when we were done. It was such an honor to serve this family in the name of Jesus. It is amazing how a hour of sweating and getting dirty can possibly bless a family for generations. It was truly humbling. 

Vanessa’s team distributed food to six homes today.  Each of these individuals had their own story and struggle to share.  Some were strong followers of Jesus Christ and others were trying to find their way and asked for prayers of guidance.  When the morning started, we were all excited to meet families and bless them with God’s love in the form of rice, beans, spaghetti noodles, oil and bouillon cubes.  However, what we didn’t realize was how much our lives would be changed by these individuals.  Like Judd said above, these homes are maybe 12’ x 12’ with many people living in them.  They don’t complain or wish for more, instead they love and appreciate all of the blessings given and are just so thankful and full of gratitude.   As we arrived and entered the home of our final distribution we were being prayed for.  She was praying for our safety and well being and for the Lord bringing us to her home.  She showed us so much love and compassion without even knowing what we were there for.  Galatians 5:13 says “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free.   But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”  We are so blessed to share and receive this love with the Haitian people this week.  

Well in the middle of writing this we had a wonderful surprise of Facetiming our family. They all gathered at Celebrate and Kendy called Liz. It was awesome to see our loved ones and assure them that we are fine. God keeps using us up and refilling us. This team is amazing and I am so proud of each one of them. They are getting stretched and they are answering the call, it is a beautiful thing to witness. 

Judd’s prayer: Father God I praise you for the work you are doing through this team and through Many Hands. We continue to pray that you would break our hearts for what breaks yours. I pray for our loved ones who are also sacrificing so we can come to this place and share the Good News of Jesus. May you receive all the glory, honor and praise!! In Jesus name. 

Vanessa’s prayer: Lord we give you thanks for all the love and compassion we are experiencing this week.  I pray that you continue to guide us and protect us as we act as your hands and feet in Haiti.  Please watch over our families and give them peace and comfort while we are away.  I pray that you fill our hearts with joy and energize us to continue to spread your word.  We give all of the glory to you God.  We pray this in Jesus name.

Bondye Beni Ou (God Bless You)


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