Beautiful sights stand as a testimony to God’s greatness. The team from Celebrate Church has witnessed these displays from the misty mountaintops and in the eyes of children. God’s goodness towards humanity is everywhere. But the greatest reminder of all has been within others’ happiness.

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Greetings from Pignon! Today’s blog was made by Caroline Woodle and Allison Iddings. We started our day with a 5:30 AM hike to the top of Mt. Pignon to check out the view of the beautiful land side. Then we ventured into the market and split into two groups to experience and purchase items from the large crowds. The market was unlike anything we had endured due to the interesting smells, sounds, items, and products. This was a challenge for both of us because of the language and amount of people. After the market, we visited the orphanage and men’s choir. We were able to listen to both groups sing as well as play with the children. This was a highlight of the day! Many people were almost brought to tears from the overwhelming emotion from the singing. We finished our day with a good meal on the MH4H campus, painting a classroom, and devotionals. God was seen by many within others’ happiness including the market attendees and children. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us this upcoming week and greatly appreciate the prayers from everyone back home.

Enjoying the view while sweating and resting.

Saturday morning in the market shopping for items to use this week.

Overview of busy market.

Steve getting a manicure from young girls at orphanage.

Loving on children in Pignon.

Enjoying snuggles from children at orphanage.

Playing bags with young ones.

Playing games at orphanage. 


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